Jul. 13th, 2017

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SaveSaveSaverandom life is full, and also sweaty

The boat has fiberglass on the bottom, and the first all-over coat of plain epoxy (which is a strange word to type - the letters are widely distributed on the keyboard) so it looks shiny and lovely and increasingly boat-like. The next step is a thorough sanding, and another coat of epoxy and then I flip it over and start working on the interior. That will get more fiberglass, and two more coats of epoxy, and then I start fitting in seats and breasthook (ouch? not really - the most forward piece of boat that reinforces the shape and stability of the bow).

The Paintbox Theater remains hilarious. I was trying to imbed a photo of myself as Cowardly Lion, but my html-fu, what little of it I have, is utterly failing me. We had morning shows Thurs-Sun last week, two shows a day Fri - Sun, and then on Tuesday we moved the whole thing a half hour north and did another show on WEd. And then loaded out. The performing is surprisingly sweaty, but getting to be fun. The shows are exactly the right length for me - an hour total, with 15 minutes of intermission and 10 or 15 minutes at the end of autographs. They are full of dumb physical jokes, and bad puns, and audience participation. The whole thing is hugely enjoyable, and my entire family comments on how closely my sense of humor aligns with the director's.

Al has been sleeping weirdly, and my snoring has been preventing him from falling asleep after he wakes in the dark, so I am sleeping in Aerin's room, which is hardly hers anymore since she's been in Boston for most of a year now, while he experiments with temperature, exercise and diet. I am feeling grumpy about being excluded from bed, especially now that he's been working to make our room colder and drier than ever before - perfect sleeping for me.


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