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Thank you, I voted. For Mayor, and a handful of town offices.

I rode the horse that makes me work hard for my lesson. It was like having brussel sprouts, but we had moments with butter sauce. But I was too tired to ride Bully, which was bad sad.

Plus I had to get home to make a thing which I cannnot show you because the camera and the ancient PC and the camera software on the mac conspire against me. It isn't quite done yet, but it pleases me.

And then go to Brattleboro, and talk to my friend Anne about doll construction. It is strange to go back into notes and construction techniques from 5 years ago.
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Still tired.

25 degrees this morning, although it reached 45 by the time I was out in it, and 50 when I was riding.

Check out the girls all together here!

Kaboose got a lot of trot/canter/trot transitions and responded well. Penny got Walk/trot/walk and some trot/halt/trot work, but they both felt tired, so I eased up on them. Bob emailed me later that they'd had a long trail ride yesterday, mostly trotting and cantering, so I am glad I didn't push the issue.

I took Ruby out without the usual 10 minutes of steering, walking and trotting that we generally do. She was walking on tiptoes the whole way, and stopping abruptly (instead of bolting - I love this pony!) at noises and falling leaves. It is fall. Falling leaves is what happens. Some of the terror wore off after a while, but it was pretty spooky today. She also stepped over some very large downed trees, and helped me explore a new piece of territory. We had fun. I can't get her to canter on a trail either. I'm leaving the canter thing alone til spring.

I have to remember to call the court tomorrow to see if I have jury duty the day after. A gigantic spanner in the works if I do, but also fulfilling a small piece of civic duty.



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