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Biked!! Woot!!

Took the bike to Brattleboro to distract myself while the large girl had a serious circus class. I rode out for a half hour, explored the ridability of a railbed along the Mighty Connecticut River for a short while and headed back. Most excellent. I found myself singing "Happy happy joy joy" to myself all the way.
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So, the last week or so, in short sentences with active verbs:

I rode 4 times last week; one lesson, 3 hacks, two different up-headed Arab mares. It was glorious. Now they have decided to change the hacking procedure, so I probably will not be able to do that again.

I ran away from home over the weekend, and went to see my mom, and I didn't kill her, and my dearest friend, who talked me down afterwards.

I came home to find my husband finishing the taxes. He had a major, full-on, sleepless financial panic attack and didn't sleep til 3:00 am. I think it hysterical that we have the major financial panic attacks in what are probably our best earning year EVAR. I talked him down. Actually, I think it transferred to me. Now I am panicking, and he is trying to talk me down.

I drove into spring today, and managed to escape IKea with exactly what I went for plus Only 2 potholders. I am very pleased with myself.

I had another riding lesson yesterday on a very large quarterhorse gelding with no steering. I had to get firm control over his shoulder. I was reminded of him when pushing around the IKea cart with 4 swiveling wheels - those things go everywhere, and never quite where you think, or want them to. After a lot of circles, we got some nice work, but I still managed to lose his shoulder in the last canter. Or he dropped it and ran. We still got some nice trot moments. I may get my sitting trot back sooner rather than later.


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