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dancing_crow ([personal profile] dancing_crow) wrote2017-06-22 09:00 pm

BOAT BOAT BOAT - well, started at least

I have finally really and truly started the boat project, rather than all the wind-up for the boat project. Yesterday I finished unpacking all the parts and checked them off on the list, and primed the epoxy pumps and made a test batch of epoxy, and added some test powder to it to make it like mustard. I have to say, dudes' ideas of mustard vs peanut butter are are hazy at best, and their mustard is far drippier than I like mine, but eh - whatever descriptions work for the reader.

This morning I started by glueing the bottom of the boat together, and since I had epoxy left over I glued the 1 plank up from the bottom (called, I believe, garboards? I should look it up but then I won't finish this post.) After lunch with my da, who was ...less dialed in than usual, I went back to work and finished the other pairs of planks. I did have to mix up two batches of epoxy because at 85 farenheits the mixture sets/cures far faster than at 70 the way it was in the morning. So all the planks are ready to wire together into a boat shape, and then I get to lace it together with temporary wires ties and squirt more epoxy around to hold it together. There are a lot more pages of instructions.

I am sweaty but triumphant, and am going to bed in Aerin's bed because Al is sleeping oddly and when he wakes up I am quiet until he comes back to bed and then (I am told) I begin to snore. Hard. He tried to sleep on the couch again last night but poor Alice was having a puking migraine, and refused to yield the sleeping spot closest to the bathroom. I came down to find no one where I expected them - it was very disorienting. Alice says her head has receded to the point where it no longer seems like a good plan to just remove her head entirely. She has had some nourishment and should be set for tonight. In a day or so I expect she'll eat the moon.

Aerin has some kind of weird response to charm, and it reads to her as smarm, and skeeves her right out. She was dubious about Johnny Depp during the First pirate movie, and she felt vindicated when his wife divorced him for abuse. She asked me what I knew about Harrison Ford or George Clooney, because both of them pinged her the wrong way as well. I know nothing about either one's personal life, but I'll definitely keep her mention in mind. I asked her in return how she felt about Paul Gross, and Brendan Fraser. She likes Gross, and hasn't heard of Fraser so I'm curious to see how the 1999 Mummy holds up for her when she sees it. Or that great one where he emerges from a bomb shelter into late 1990's LA.

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