Dec. 22nd, 2008 01:05 pm
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Temp at waking: 12F
temp leaving for barn: 14F
layers: long underwear, thermal shirt, fuzzy shirt, fuzzy vest, black liner jacket, red outer jacket plus winter britches (yay) and smart wool socks

Well, that was fucking cold freezing brisk exhilarating. All the snow of the last 48 hours was blowing around in 20 knot winds, and howling around the corners of the barn and whistling down the aisle. Kaboose was pleased to see me; I got a whinny and she came over. I lunged her for 10 minutes before I got on. I don't think it was necessary, and unless she seems high as a kite I think I won't again. She starts out so tight in the winter, it seems to take a walk, trot and canter each direction to get her loosened up, but the lungeing doesn't seem to address that. I have some sympathy, because the cold certainly makes me tight as well.

Today I wanted to not hang on her mouth. I spent the whole time I was on her pushing my hands forward, and pushing her into them. I really relied on the strength and speed of my posting. We worked almost entirely at the trot, experimenting with stretching her topline, and then shortening it, back and forth, bending while she was long, bending while she was short. I abused her patience at the end working for 5 minutes without stirrups each direction and then trying to settle down into a sitting trot.

And this is how riding a horse is nothing like riding a bicycle. It doesn't come back. You have to work on it or it vanishes.

And, I made up a new word. Driving to the barn it seemed like the roads were very empty. I thought to myself - Right, the students have vamished - sort of a cross between vanish and vamoose with a side of famish.

short days

Dec. 21st, 2008 08:59 am
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Happy solstice 
Happy winter
happy longest dark night (for the northern hemisphere) - the days start getting longer from here! 

And for the antipodeans, a very happy midsummer to you all. Just thinking about Christmas and summer vacation rolled into one makes my head spin, in a good and interesting way.


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