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three horses
three barns
8 stalls
only 5 waterbuckets

I am beat, still, and it is tomorrow already

also I seem to have accidentally gotten a job designing sets, and (gasp) it pays  (I am to transform the cafeteria into the Forest of Arden)
probably squat, but still, additional $$ means an additional show in the spring
also I got a hug from the deranged director of shakespeare at the high school (see RE paying job, above) from relief, I think, over being able to offload the design

Must Vote
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I have no title.

exercise: 4 stalls, countless water buckets, 20 bales of hay, followed by an hour of music stand drill team practice
horses: care and feeding only
fiber: yes, and fixed Saturday's too

stick a fork in me, I am Finished.

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well crap. The red mare is lame, and I don't know why. I am torn between thinking is probably happened in the last day or two, and wondering of the tripping she has been doing has anything to do with it. She was walking pretty solidly, but once we picked up a trot she was nodding her head every time her right front foot was bearing weight. There was no visible swelling or heat, but she is so fuzzy in the legs it is difficult to tell with cold hands. I'll check in on her tomorrow. I told the owners. I told the barn manager. I don't know what else to do.

I did get another barn looked after - eight horses, seven stalls, untold water buckets... It is about three hours of steady effort to accomplish it all. Electric water buckets man, I am grateful for them every single day I find them steaming gently instead of having to kick the ice out.

I am beat. And I still have to make my fabric things and stay awake during Aerin's winter concert. She is at school all afternoon helping the sound guy. My girl, techie in training. The people teaching her about the sound board were enchanted that she is a second generation techie. I am amused that they even thought of it that way. I think, counting my dad, she may be third generation. If we want to get technical.
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In the It Is Always One Damn Thing Or Another Department:

After finally getting my 5 charges out into the pasture, across the the appallingly treacherous ice and (thank goodness plugged in the electric fence) I heard hooves crunching through the snow. I thought, of course, that one of my crowd had escaped. But no, the neighbor's two had escaped, and the profoundly in heat mare was flirting shamelessly over the fence, with her friend defending her honor, loudly. It took longer than expected to get them into spare stalls, with hay and water, where they continued to yearn, vocally, for my crowd. After the fact it was pretty funny, but at the time it was a little nervewracking.

i got to ride twice last week, I think I forgot to mention the 2nd time. We packed up the guys and trailered over to the indoor again. Dakota was exactly the wrong height and spooked relentlessly at a splash mark on the wall - I think the sun got him in the eye each time past it, because he'd go fine the other direction. It was nice to trot, and be able to move out instead of either swimming through snow or tippy-toeing across the ice. We are headed to the indoor again on Wed.

I asked Al the other day if I wanted a horse. After a long talk, he convinced me I am looking for lessons again. If I go looking for dressage lessons, eventually I'll find a great place to ride, and the horse question will fall neatly into place. I've had lessons that were very strenuous, and made me cry, but I got better Every Time, and I've had lessons where I  didn't cry and didn't improve so much. It would be nice to find some happier medium where I get better but don't have to cry for it.

There is the promise of spring in the air, but at the moment it is just a tease. We are still under a couple inches of solid ice, around and over and under the left over snow. It is at that uniquely treacherous state where it melts during the day, and then freezes into sheets of black ice at night. Mornings are slippery, and pretty scary.
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temp: 28 F (-2C)
wind chill: yeah, definitely
layers of clothes for the barn: short underwear, long underwear, fleece lined winter jacket
Thoughts at 28 degrees: I'm glad I wore my hat today. My hands are still extremely cold. What are those idiots doing?

I started to put horses out in the usual way - bale of hay tossed about into piles and let out the sensible ones who will stay put (eating hay) with the gate down while I lead in the young and the foolish. Big mistake. I got three in, and let out the agitated appy mare and then four of them decided to go for a romp in the woods. The barn is about a half mile away from the road and this is how I was told to do it, or I would be more careful with halters and lead shanks and the whole nine yards.

After romping down the trail and back, and making several laps around the barn snorting, they deigned to be caught, one at a time, with a lot of mouthfuls of grain involved. Of the two in the paddock, one was frantic and thinking about jumping over the electric fence, the other was placidly enjoying having ALL the hay piles to himself.

Lots of bucket carrying. The pipe to the field is still not working. The pipe to the barn is great, and all the electric water buckets are doing the right thing. I am thinking that the buckets are improving my arm muscles for circus. I tell myself this every barn day.

time in car: < 35 mins

The hamster is named Perpetual Motion, Mo for short. Or perpetual Mo (not intermittent Mo or sporadic Mo)


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