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I'll need to make a new icon for barn work that doesn't have Dakota on it - he left Sat. for a new home, and Wendy is down to 4 horses. It makes the barn routine go pretty quick. Wendy told me to come ride Flash tomorrow - bitless bridle, and keep his head out from between his knees and I'll be fine. I don't know where we will ride, probably out around the hill and back, but it is pretty icy and melty. I wish the ring would clear up, but there is still snow to the top of the mounting block. I suggested spreading dark on it, like manure, to absorb the sun and melt things faster, but she said it would be bad for the sand footing underneath.

Aerin's birthday today - cupcakes for the Jazz Band practice and more for us at home, then I think we will have had a sufficiency of cake.
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I will be sore tomorrow!! I got to ride today!!

Temp: 40 F
windchill: yes, there is a front blowing through
layers: not quite enough, but I used the antique mittens my mom gave me and my fingers were miraculously warm in moments
loose ponies: none, they were turned out already
water buckets: not plugged in - see Temp: well above freezing

No stalls today, and I rode. The ring is still impassable, but the manure trail worked fine for a warm-up, and then Wendy got her chestnut gelding dressed with a bareback pad and we went snow surfing in the woods. I think it wasn't so bad for the big guy - around his knees - but Dakota was practically swimming in the snow. It definitely reached his belly a couple times, and we stopped a couple other times to pant. It was a short ride because it was so strenuous. It was really nice to get on, and go, even though he was being fresh. He spent all the time in motion with his ears pricked and an interested look on his face.

Wendy had someone call about buying Dakota. I think it is a great idea, because he needs more work than I am giving him, and the woman who wants him does search and rescue work and he would be perfect. And yet, I would/will be sad to see him go. She said Lace's previous owner was coming to take her back sometime next week too, and two new boarders were coming. I don't know who I'll be riding if both Dakota and Lace are gone. Possibly Groovy, who is a little bay Arab/Sport cross, springy and young and amusing. And he bucks, although I stuck it the last couple times he tried it on me. I'm sure Wendy has a plan of some sort. It probably entails me buying a horse. I suppose I could go surf DreamHorse.com and see if any one leaps into the running.


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