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1865  1570 LEE THOMSON          48 F   119/153  F4549 NORTHAMPTON     MA   39:38  12:46 
1866  1399 JESSICA STEVENS      33 F   193/224  F3034 MONHEGAN        ME   39:39  12:46 
place pinny name          age gender place/#in div  mystery# city state time another mystery#


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exercise: ran, outside! for about 2 miles? total, probably 1.5 of that running
horses: Penny! Trail ride! lost in the woods! 1.5 hours (no moose)
fabric: Yes!
plus: Tax Cake for Al.

Just because it is a thankless task, doesn't mean you shouldn't get thanked. This year's was chocolate with melted raspberry jam+cordial in between and white sherry frosting (no vanilla [yeah, I know, panic in the streets], sherry worked pretty well)

I keep thinking I am not running right because it hurts so many different parts of me, and I can't breathe. I can bike all day, I can walk a long ways, I can ride horses for a long time, is running really that much harder?

I vow never to go thrashing about in the woods without a GPS again. I think I was one hill away from the other end of the power line trail I wanted to get home, but the town line went the wrong way so we had to turn around and go back the way we came out. Penny was completely awesome. Aside from keeping a sharp eye out for any more moose, she kept moving nicely.

I think I both niggle and mumble with my leg aids. I was trying to say nothing until I wanted to say something definite. It seemed to smooth communications.

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Just for future reference, I think I may have killed the headache (three days later) with a giant burger and all the fries that came with it. Plus Key Lime Pie for dessert. It was probably enough calories to keep me going for a week, but it felt great.

I managed a pathetic run that morphed into an elliptical machine because my knees hurt and I was tired and stupid and couldn't breathe.

I accomplished some fabric

life always improves, it just takes a while.

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exercise: ran 5 5min sets at 5 miles an hour, plus put the treadmill up to 1 for an incline, thought i was gonna die
horses: penny and ruby about 35 mins each
fabric: YAY!! finally what I was envisioning, all those days and strips of red and black ago

I worry that if I take some time off from miss a ride with the girls that Leonor will hire another, more official rider to take over. That happened last summer, legitimately because I was gone for a chunk of the summer, but then we got kind of cross threaded in the fall. But I think I will be riding more this summer.

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exercise: 3 miles (got my 5K, YAY) ran 2 of it, plus lots of arms
horses: Penny and Ruby
fabric: yes, sort of

Painful running. I have the breath for it, but it feels like my legs are going to fall off. BUT - I made it to 3 miles total, and all I have to do now is increase the running part, and decrease the legs falling off part.

Made it to see the girls, got Penny first (Ruby really worries that I won't play with her and give her peppermints and cookies) and we did a lot of bending to the right. She resists on the right and won't fill the left rein. So I tried to be lighter, and use more leg to get her OVER. With a lot of release when it went right. Some of it goes much better. We hopped over a couple small fences. I think she'll be fine in a small combined test, depending on the scary quotient of the fences. She is lumpy and disorganized. Some of it is being 5, some of it is being large and hard to move around. I had a big gelding form Canada growing up, said to be Perch/TB cross but he looked exactly like Penny, and he moved the same way, until he was really fit. So clearly I have fitting up ahead of me. Maybe that will get her some withers too.

I rode Ruby bareback, working on basics; walk, trot, whoa, less hand, more seat, think about bending, put your face in the bridle and go forward. She is squirmy and bouncy and interested in eeeeverything and stops suddenly. All of this is fixable, because she is so dang Happy! When we were done, I pulled her bridle off and we did some free stuff with the clicker.

I am stunned by how fast the clickering goes, both for Ruby and Penny with the mounting and dismounting issues. Getting a small change comes quick, and refining is seems much easier. I was thinking of how to get Ruby to step up onto something, and we couldn't get there, so I made it smaller, and easier. I found a piece of plywood, and got her two front feet onto it, three or four tries, and Bingo, she has that. We are still hammering in the ones we've been working on - picking up feet with a tap, follow the target with me on either side, walking and trotting, touch the target EVERYWHERE; up, down, at her hooves, on either flank, near her tail (pretzel pony!). We run through those every day.

and now, done. Thank you very much.

And happy April Fools, sorry I got nuthin', because I love the theory.


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