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things I am doing right:

riding lessons resumed, rode a different horse at a different barn, but with the same instructor - didn't die, didn't fall off, acquitted myself well enough, learned something about my left hand

riding the gray horse outside in the snow because it is perfect - cantered in falling snowflakes, snow to his knees, snorting and whuffing, me laughing like a loon

bought my mother Monument Valley - the last call i got from her requesting help for something was because she was stuck halfway through level seven, and she's using it as rewards for working on her taxes

helped friends who are thinking about making a website - I hope long term this counts as doing it right

been taking vitamin D and B, seems to halp me be perkier and cheerfuller

a photo of mine landed on the Explore page of Flickr - that feels like amazing good luck, and has resulted nearly 5000 views and around 40 likes, and each like is making my phone bingle

located my workbench and sewing machine - finished one piece, started the next
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So, the last week or so, in short sentences with active verbs:

I rode 4 times last week; one lesson, 3 hacks, two different up-headed Arab mares. It was glorious. Now they have decided to change the hacking procedure, so I probably will not be able to do that again.

I ran away from home over the weekend, and went to see my mom, and I didn't kill her, and my dearest friend, who talked me down afterwards.

I came home to find my husband finishing the taxes. He had a major, full-on, sleepless financial panic attack and didn't sleep til 3:00 am. I think it hysterical that we have the major financial panic attacks in what are probably our best earning year EVAR. I talked him down. Actually, I think it transferred to me. Now I am panicking, and he is trying to talk me down.

I drove into spring today, and managed to escape IKea with exactly what I went for plus Only 2 potholders. I am very pleased with myself.

I had another riding lesson yesterday on a very large quarterhorse gelding with no steering. I had to get firm control over his shoulder. I was reminded of him when pushing around the IKea cart with 4 swiveling wheels - those things go everywhere, and never quite where you think, or want them to. After a lot of circles, we got some nice work, but I still managed to lose his shoulder in the last canter. Or he dropped it and ran. We still got some nice trot moments. I may get my sitting trot back sooner rather than later.


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