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I have the Best. Instructor. Evar.

There I am riding a horse that strongly resembles a New York city block with skyscraper - he is tall, he is long, and he Could Not be more different from my friend the tank pony - and Lani tells me to do something. She says something about sit up and think this, and it will happen, and sure enough it happens, and she shouts with glee and says 

Isn't that great? Isn't that just like magic? I always tell my students to do that, and then I think "boy I hope it works this time" and then - IT DOES!! how awesome is that? 

exercise: yoga/pilates class
horse: awesome lesson, with Magic
fabric: nearly done, will post tomorrow
extra: Aerin turns 15 today
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exercise: minimal - barn was done, no Y... and I have to said I'd run in a 5K race with my sister-in-law on mother's day. I think some training is in order.
horses: Kaboose, down the road and back, maybe 2 miles? tiny amount of trotting, Ruby around in the pasture and wading through the snow to make new paths
fabric: done

Maybe Kaboose should be called Red Queen instead - I think she really needs renaming. She was great - on her tippy-toes, but forward and interested both outbound and heading home. It felt odd to have a saddle on her, but seemed like the thing to do at the time. In spite of horrifying things making noises at her and water running across the road, and the companion dog chasing cats under her nose and leaping out of the underbrush at her, we managed some stretching and compressing the frame at the walk, some leg yields and shoulds in down the road, and some slow slow trotting back up the hill. She is shedding, not the great-fistfuls part yet but the hair-coated-glove every time you pat her part definitely. It occurred to me that she doesn't make faces of pleasure when I am grooming her - no itchy places that I can reach, no tickly bits, nothing that makes her lower lip go slack with pleasure.

Ruby and I just bashed around the pasture trying to make some new paths, and trotting and walking with less effort from me. Ruby really gets the clicker, and is almost ready to do something more than touch. The other two are really all about the peppermints, which means, I think, that I have to do some of the politeness training with them next, to keep from getting mugged.

I thought I was cleaning Lani's barn, but it was done. So I had Aerin and a friend of hers who is horse crazy, and we brought in horses, and avoided the stud colt's teeth, and then went and brought in the geezer horses at the barn next door. They were easy - open the gate and in they go. The girls were amazed, they said it was like synchronized horses, both turning, each into his own stall at exactly the same moment.

The last thing I did was drag my sorry self out to the high school to join a handful of parents for a lawn chair drill team. We couldn't find enough of the old fashioned lawn chairs, just the modern ones that fold four ways, and some that were REALLY HEAVY. So we looked around and decided to use music stands instead. So we are the music stand drill team, and we have almost figured out what to do.


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