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exercise: yoga and some walking
horses: nope - lesson called on account of medical issues and vile cold
fabric: yup

Alice was home today, not exactly sick but not entirely well either. So we went out to brunch after yoga and had a nice visit with each other and Joanna, and then came home and went to the bead store. She has a very small turtle bead, and I have pink, orange and chartruse-thank-you-very-much 6/inch beads. That is bigger than usual for me, but I have a plan for them, so they got bought.

I took Aerin to Brattleboro, and she left me for another ride home!! Taken by a friend to the local gym and exercised aggressively on various bouncy things, she was returned to me later this even looking happy but tired. She asked if real life was like high school, with not enough time for anything. Why do all the best parenting moments happen 15 minutes after the kid should be in bed and asleep? We talked a little about scheduling and things to accomplish and homework and turning 15. Then I made her go to bed.

Al is in San Diego, which would be better if we were all there with him and he wasn't in meetings for two solid days and he hadn't dropped his cell phone somewhere during the day (2 planes, 3 airports, a taxi and a new city - if you find a lost phone in San Diego, take it to the US Grant hotel, please?)

Winter is back for the next day or two. I am unspeakably cross about it.

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well crap. The red mare is lame, and I don't know why. I am torn between thinking is probably happened in the last day or two, and wondering of the tripping she has been doing has anything to do with it. She was walking pretty solidly, but once we picked up a trot she was nodding her head every time her right front foot was bearing weight. There was no visible swelling or heat, but she is so fuzzy in the legs it is difficult to tell with cold hands. I'll check in on her tomorrow. I told the owners. I told the barn manager. I don't know what else to do.

I did get another barn looked after - eight horses, seven stalls, untold water buckets... It is about three hours of steady effort to accomplish it all. Electric water buckets man, I am grateful for them every single day I find them steaming gently instead of having to kick the ice out.

I am beat. And I still have to make my fabric things and stay awake during Aerin's winter concert. She is at school all afternoon helping the sound guy. My girl, techie in training. The people teaching her about the sound board were enchanted that she is a second generation techie. I am amused that they even thought of it that way. I think, counting my dad, she may be third generation. If we want to get technical.
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Kids bring home all kinds of stuff from school. Alice had several deeply mysterious songs including one where she stated she was proud to be a cow, and another about the stegasaurus (a funny looking dinosaurus). But I was very taken with a new one yesterday. Zeb, Serenity's son, was singing a song that went like this:

oh you push the damper in
and you pull the damper out
and the smoke goes up the chimney just the same
and the smoke goes up the chimney just the same
boom boom

And I realized there were not very many places in the US where your run of the mill kids in public school kindergarten would know what a damper was. It had to be Vermont or Alaska, or possibly Minnesota. This happened to be Vermont. Leave a comment if your local kindergartners would understand this song. Or if anyone has produced something incomprehensible...


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