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multi-horse day - yay!!

Took Rachel to the Canadians, she tried riding Kaboose for a lesson. Bob had a lesson on Penny, and we realized that he Never Let Go with his legs. So he spent a very interesting hour practicing taking his leg OFF the horse, so she could feel it again when he put it on very quietly, and he was illuminated and very pleased with himself and the horse. Rachel spent an interesting half hour trying to balance between soothing Keboose and actually asking her to do something. She found a nice balance, and they got some very peaceful walk-trot-walk transitions, followed by some organization to produce a walk-canter transition. I could see Rachel reaching for the correct form, it was verra interesting.

then Rachel got Ruby, and I hopped on Kaboose and we went into the woods while the brilliant sun was still out. The big girls got their shoes pulled, so they were footy over the rocks, and Ruby is always footy over the rocks because we haven't gotten her a pair of sneakers yet. So we mostly walked. But it was gorgeous.

And when we got home, Rachel tried to put some of what she'd gotten from Kaboose to work on Ruby which was more or less successful. Rachel was getting a feel for what kind of trot she could get a canter from, not too slow, not too fast and rushy, paying attention.

And then we went to see Bully, who looks soooo slender and elegant and sleek after the Canadians.

He was good too. A little full of himself having had a day off, but I got some very nice canters, and some better transitions. I am still working on  the same things Rachel is, which she found illuminating, and (I think) funny. So she could tell me to keep my shoulders BACK when I asked for the canter, just the way I was telling her earlier.

the rest of the afternoon devolved into someone else's kid's birthday, which was fine, but I am so toasted I need to sleep.

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three horse day!

Kaboose was high, grumpy and tight - we walked and trotted in tons of circles, and I gradually got her looser and lower and quieter. The goal was 3 really lovely walk-trot transitions, and three really lovely trot-walk transitions, which we hit nicely right at the very end

Penny was great, she had taken Bob in a jumping lesson on Sunday and he was SO pleased with her. Funny thing - the work we've been doing All Summer has paid off in a horse that is lighter and more responsive to the aids, and lots more fun to ride. She's growing up! I keep forgetting how young she really was last year, four then, five now, and really maturing well.

After staring at Bully for a week, the Canadians look really fat heavy duty solid built sturdy, and their legs are short, and they are SO FUZZY (eeeeeeee, cute and fuzzy)

Bully was turned out in his fleece, which is good. His owner came and checked him out, said he looked great (huge relief) and dropped off two winter blankets. One seems to be too small, although it is the one with his name embroidered on it, the other seems fine but probably needs another can of waterproofing. I added the rest of the can of waterproofing to his rain coat, and it looks like it should work better now. With luck, if I apply an entire can of waterproofing to his old Rambo it should work well and not need to be traded in.

Bully was full of himself, and scooting off in different directions hoping I wasn't paying attention. He settled down a little, and we had some very ncie walk-canter departs. Springy. Fun.

circus still to come. I think food should help me feel less wilty...

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everyone's got them, right? the inner 2 year old, the inner 8 year old, the inner (or not so much) 25 year old, even, when I am feeling old and creaky, the inner 90 year old (she's pretty wise though - she tells me to go do things so I won't regret not having done them. apparently she doesn't care if I read enough, because she thinks I can do that when I can't do anything else. I hope she's right.)

My inner 12 year old is having a field day. I don't wanna make things, even though making things makes me happy, I don't wanna exercise even though exercise makes me stronger, I don't even wanna go ride other people's horses, even though I love them and they make me a better rider; all I wanna do is go to the barn and ride, then sit there and clean tack and stare at MY PONY

so I think I'll indulge the inner 12 year old today (and placate the 90 year old) and go ride, and clean tack, and think, but it is Gym Time tomorrow you girls and you better deal.

by the way - melt saddle soap in the microwave, and add cinnamon leaf oil (because that is what you can find at the organic store in the aroma therapy section because [apparently] straight cinnamon oil is kinda toxic harsh) and let it cool for a FAABulous smell when cleaning tack, some antifungal properties, and nice smelling hands when you are done. Random win!

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so, ah - I have to learn some new dressage tests.

like First level tests 1, 2, and 3

because I just pushed the button on leasing the ancient horse who knows such things

and the theory is, that he'll teach me.

Or not.

Anyhow - one step closer to a life's goal 

Hey! I need a new icon for him! I'll try to accomplish that sometime soon....
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I have what Al called a rich person's problem.

There are three potential horses for me. An aged schoolmaster (23 - yikes! - but sound and cheerful), a nice young 6 year-old with very nice movement and a good brain - not the sharpest shovel in the barn but a good learner and a handsome individual, and the witchy, itchy red mare, for whom I have an irrational affection. 

Any one of them would be wonderful.

I would learn a lot from a year on any one of them.

The young man is solid training level and ready for a year's effort and a first level debut. The aged gentleman, knowing first and second level things,  would be all my learning curve. The witchy itchy red mare would be somewhere in between.

I have No Idea what to do next.
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I think, if the red mare and I can manage better than 60% on Training Level test 3, that I should just take her for the winter, or the year, and we will school eachother to first level. I think she has the chops for it, and I think I work well with her.

But I also have a tentative date with Miss Molly (good golly?)

and I still love the old man I rode on Tuesday

I really wish my head didn't hurt.

I went to a tack shop. I bought new gloves. They are purple (well, grayer than that, but quite lovely, and utterly uncharacteristic). Also I found a portable mounting block for the trailer, as a thank you present for loaning me horses and trailers and trucks, and reins for Ruby and a new helmet that fits my substantially less-haired head. With no braid to fold under it, my helmet doesn't fit anymore. The new one is fake velvet, and beeeyootifull.

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Finally reached the owner of Molly, now trying to arrange a visit so I can ride her, pat her, stare into her eyes and see if she might work

I've had a series of  fabulous rides on Kaboose, particularly today, and think I should just accept Bob and Leonor's offer to take her for year

I rode an AMAZING and extreeemely ancient TB on Tuesday (he's 23, I love him), schooled to 2nd, and totally capable of 1st.  I could probably read the test to him and he'd do it from understanding the words rather than any aids I was applying. I felt like such a GOOD RIDER - like all the thrashing I do is paying off somehow. His situation is complex but workable.

Lest anyone think I have no discrimination, I have:
  • ridden a narrow Welsh/QH cross, just under 14.2, that is kind and forward, but not quite right
  • realized that although the NY city block horse, Goose, is up for lease, his trot gives me cramps, and I feel like a spaz when I ride him
  • passed up a barn full of hunters because the woman in charge didn't know what a dressage test was (?!?)
  • looked at but passed on two horses that were offered, because they are  young and unschooled - I am looking for educating me this year, not educating another young horse
I have a dressage show this Sunday at Xenophon. I'll be riding Penny in T2 and T3, and Kaboose in T3, and taking Penny over the 2' fences.

I would like not to be a complete catastrophe over fences.

Apparently the jumping nerves have completely over-run the test nerves, 'cause I can't find them (the test nerves) anywhere. woot?
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very effective today - cooler is better, to a point (although that point for me is a couple degrees below freezing)
  • exercise, which encountered epic fail all summer, has recommenced
  • accomplished all the school accessories for both girls, woot
  • did NOT forget the bassoon lesson
  • retrieved Miss Roo for riding company
  • delivered miss Alice for pool party (Kind friend invited her to reconnect with buds from public school)
  • rode Penny, Miss Roo rode Ruby. discovered the way to get enough transitions and circles is to offer a point per each, and anything over 100 earns ice cream
  • helped Bob load 1/2 the hay wagon into the barn
  • retrieved Aerin and Alice and administered ice cream to all
Bob said I could borrow Kaboose for a year. Which is really nice to hear.

That gives me a great fall-back plan, but I still want to see what the paint mare is like first. Is that being greedy?
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lesson this morning before the hot

started on the horse a long as a bus, got him going (mostly) forward and round, and his person came and needed a ride because she is going to Australia and he is going... somewhere else. So the nice people in the barn got Blondie the Tank tacked up and we  I worked some more.

The last time I rode him I am not sure why I didn't fall off - he was wound up and hadn't been ridden for a couple days and they were Making Awful Noises in the trees behind the ring. He semi-bolted a couple times. This time he'd been ridden more recently, but not by anyone wanting much from him. He was kind of irked at being asked to come round and go, and it took a solid 20 minutes of work, with me resolutely not fighting him, to get some nice stuff from him. But we ended well.

I am waiting to hear from an owner about a mare, if she isn't taken I want to try her.

I have to find out how much board is in various places and if I can come close.

I have a lesson on a potential pony/cob on Friday. It is a half lease, and honestly I feel I might have better luck talking to some of these barns with my Barn Pixie routine because all she wants is someone to ride him a couple times a week. I can do that for free, or stalls, I don't have to pay for it. Or maybe I do, if I want a different level of horse.

Leonor offered me one of their horses, but I don't know if she asked Bob first. I'd take Kaboose like a shot, but with both Bob and his daughter riding her there is some competition. Penny I can keep working on where she is.


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trail ride before everything got quite so awfully hot and then thundered and lightninged and poured - rode Penny, Bob on Kaboose, Rachel-Roo on Ruby-Roo (they are SO CUTE together it is kind of stunning)

(she is my other daughter - I recognize so many more of her impulses than Aerin's... )

So I have been treating the whole horse thing as more like window shopping, and I want one of each please:

DreamHorse.com Horse ID: 1422649 - Molly
Holsteiner/ Appendix cross for sale or lease | Buy this Horse at Equine.com
Personable and Fun PC and H/J Mare for Sale | Buy this Horse at Equine.com
Gorgeous Dapple Grey Welsh TB X 3' Eventing Lg. Pony | Buy this Horse at Equine.com
2nd Level Gelding - MUST SELL | Buy this Horse at Equine.com
talented dapple gray | Buy this Horse at Equine.com

in rough order of geographical proximity

yeah, there are too many grays in there.

I fell hard for a pair of Welsh Sect D (Big, cob sized) mares imported from Wales, but they were more broodmare candidates than dressage schoolmaster candidates

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while thinking about horses and looking for one on Equine.com is exciting, I don't recommend it at 5:00 in the am.
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I have a budget, for a horse!! It is only for a year, but still - my horse!!

this is better than christmas, or a birthday (which I wasn't really looking forward to anyhow) or easter or even halloween

this is AMAZING

I am breathing quietly into a paper bag, and thinking about what to do next.


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