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I mean, really - uuurgh.

all the finances into the spreadsheet, the inter-monthly subtotalling fixed for the ENTIRE YEAR, and the secondary sheet with craft stuff on it as well.

I hate that part.
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So, the last week or so, in short sentences with active verbs:

I rode 4 times last week; one lesson, 3 hacks, two different up-headed Arab mares. It was glorious. Now they have decided to change the hacking procedure, so I probably will not be able to do that again.

I ran away from home over the weekend, and went to see my mom, and I didn't kill her, and my dearest friend, who talked me down afterwards.

I came home to find my husband finishing the taxes. He had a major, full-on, sleepless financial panic attack and didn't sleep til 3:00 am. I think it hysterical that we have the major financial panic attacks in what are probably our best earning year EVAR. I talked him down. Actually, I think it transferred to me. Now I am panicking, and he is trying to talk me down.

I drove into spring today, and managed to escape IKea with exactly what I went for plus Only 2 potholders. I am very pleased with myself.

I had another riding lesson yesterday on a very large quarterhorse gelding with no steering. I had to get firm control over his shoulder. I was reminded of him when pushing around the IKea cart with 4 swiveling wheels - those things go everywhere, and never quite where you think, or want them to. After a lot of circles, we got some nice work, but I still managed to lose his shoulder in the last canter. Or he dropped it and ran. We still got some nice trot moments. I may get my sitting trot back sooner rather than later.
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Thank you so much, all you cheerful enabling horse owners. I did have horses as a child while growing up, so I do understand the whole vet/farrier/board trifecta. You are completely correct that a lease would be a good idea, or even a half lease.

However - the job was not there, so no horse. I do kind of need finances to offset the equine, it wouldn't be something I could exactly sneak into the household budget. I think, having not had this particular horse drop into my lap, that I will continue with Plan A which is Find A Teacher, and assume everything else will flow from that.

In other news, the lessons continue, and the remembered skills are returning, as, unfortunately, are the bad habits (holding too hard with the hands, looking down, hunching forward) although the number of moments of forward lean has been aggressively reduced, mostly courtesy of yoga (my yoga teachers say "lead with your heart" and "side body long, inner body bright" and "BREATHE" and it kind of follows me around in the rest of life).

I rode another aged mare this time. She was Arab, with vertical neck evasion and tendency to quickness. It took the whole lesson to get her to come down into my hands and bend around my inside leg. Actually what it took was a long hard shoulder-in to the left, with tiny circles when she was falling apart. What I forget about short horses is how tiny a circle they can turn, so 10 m is not yet small enough. Also once I carried (without using) a whip she moved off my leg much more handily and forward into my hands better.

We spent a lot of time doing bending things at the trot - big circles, smaller circles, 3 and 4 loop serpentines, leg yield off the rail to the quarter line and back, and these shoulder(s)-in(s) (how DO you pluralize those?) We had nicer bends to the right, but she drifted out more. And two odd things: The first was near instantaneous down transitions, it didn't feel like a hollowing, but more like a cow pony stop - head and haunches down, back up, almost skid into it. I couldn't get forward motion into the down transitions for most of the lesson - we might have had one nice one. The other was that she had no speed regulator. Most horses get a nice trot going, and if I stay steady, so do they. She had none of that. I felt I was either trying to slow or encourage her for the entire lesson. It was tricky to balance between keeping her steady and letting her roll along - telling a horse All The Time faster,slower,here,there,now,no,maybe,go,stop gets wearing on both the horse and rider. They need a break to just carry themselves, and the rider needs a break to see if any of the corrections have been heard. But in and around that, we had no two consecutive minutes going the same speed. Probably my fault.

I didn't think to ask how much of her unevenness between tracking left and right was due to my unevenness tracking left and right. I'll have to think about that over the next ride.
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Drama r we.

I looked at a horse last Friday, and loved him. A TB/Oldenberg cross, 15.3 gray gelding, 7 years old, 3 nice gaits, worked to Training/First level dressage, some 2'9" courses, was at Stonleigh-Burnham school in the riding program with his person, sensible, flashy, fun to ride. It was awesome. I need a part time job to keep a horse, but I can, in fact keep a horse if I can find part time extremely flexible work. It has to fit around kids, and the proposed horse, and blah blah blah. It is between fun and painful to contemplate the possibility too hard. I'm still waiting to hear back from the potential job.

On Tuesday I had a FABULOUS lesson. A different school horse, unprepossessing to look at but with a lovely floaty trot once we got going round and smoothed out some of the spring ya-yas. I haven't had a nice extended trot for two years, not since Waitefield and Nishy. I have three slightly off feelings about this place. Two are teacher issues; she is young, and I think dressage is not her thing, although she knows more than I do, and she rides much better than I do. The other is just quibbling, but the tack room and the indoor smell funny. The barn is clean and sweet, the hay is nice, but the tack room smells like mildew as does the indoor arena. I could imagine a bottle of Febreeze or a thorough cleaning or even some open windows making a huge difference in the tack room, but I can't think how to improve the indoor offhand, and it kind of bugs me. So I will continue on with the 4 lesson plan and see what happens next. I was offered a chance to hack the schoolies on their off days, which would be fun, so apparently I do well enough to handle the easy cases.

Tuesday I also had yoga class before the lesson and circus class after the lesson. I am still lumpy and not strong enough to do what I think I want to do in circus. I am strong and stable in yoga. Not very flexy though.

I am worried abut committing to one horse, and worried about the financial issues around ownership/care. Other People's Horses are a really nice, easy way to keep riding. But OPH are not the way to develop a relationship with one individual, and hard to compete if I think I am headed that way.

Ah, the drama! Ah, the finances!
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the biggest trouble with writing down everything you spend is that at some point you have to tabulate it and attempt to make some sense of it.

the biggest pain in the butt about writing down everything you eat is that you have to write down everything you eat, and for all that it takes only minutes of the day, it is still a pain. plus, it is kind of embarrassing, or it entails lying to myself which is just too stupid to contemplate.

The theory is that writing down what I spend makes me more aware of it and I spend less. The theory is that writing down what I eat is that I pay attention to it and I eat less, and healthier, (and lose weight, and it should cost less)

The question at the end of my day is... does this work? and what do I do with the little cute notebooks full of scribbled dates and numbers that tell me what I bought?


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