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things I am doing right:

riding lessons resumed, rode a different horse at a different barn, but with the same instructor - didn't die, didn't fall off, acquitted myself well enough, learned something about my left hand

riding the gray horse outside in the snow because it is perfect - cantered in falling snowflakes, snow to his knees, snorting and whuffing, me laughing like a loon

bought my mother Monument Valley - the last call i got from her requesting help for something was because she was stuck halfway through level seven, and she's using it as rewards for working on her taxes

helped friends who are thinking about making a website - I hope long term this counts as doing it right

been taking vitamin D and B, seems to halp me be perkier and cheerfuller

a photo of mine landed on the Explore page of Flickr - that feels like amazing good luck, and has resulted nearly 5000 views and around 40 likes, and each like is making my phone bingle

located my workbench and sewing machine - finished one piece, started the next
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very effective today - cooler is better, to a point (although that point for me is a couple degrees below freezing)
  • exercise, which encountered epic fail all summer, has recommenced
  • accomplished all the school accessories for both girls, woot
  • did NOT forget the bassoon lesson
  • retrieved Miss Roo for riding company
  • delivered miss Alice for pool party (Kind friend invited her to reconnect with buds from public school)
  • rode Penny, Miss Roo rode Ruby. discovered the way to get enough transitions and circles is to offer a point per each, and anything over 100 earns ice cream
  • helped Bob load 1/2 the hay wagon into the barn
  • retrieved Aerin and Alice and administered ice cream to all
Bob said I could borrow Kaboose for a year. Which is really nice to hear.

That gives me a great fall-back plan, but I still want to see what the paint mare is like first. Is that being greedy?
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I did nothing yesterday except this - I am simultaneously pleased that I accomplished that, because it is getting towards the awesome I was thinking about, and depressed because I did nothing else. Which means that I am good when I focus, and don't try to accomplish anything but that one thing. But I didn't ride, didn't exercise, didn't actually go out of the house except to drop off and retrieve offspring... How am I going to live a creative life if I also have to want to do other things, like ride, and (whisper this) compete, maybe even not at training level test one??? plus the stuff I do have to do, which is not negotiable. I have to be present when a kid needs me, still, although not for a lot longer where not-alot < a decade.


stop sleeping

stop parenting

stop cooking

I have already given up housecleaning and vacuuming and dishwashing

stop whining, that would be a good first step. Followed by spring and warm and not tired.


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