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umm - woot, I think?

Training level test 2: 62.85% (with her mother whinnying  like a maniac from the sideline - Bob was joking about Kaboose as a stage mom) = 4th place

Training level test 3: 66.8% (with much better behaviour from Kaboose) = 1st place (definitely a woot!!)

Course of 2'/60cm fences with no run-outs or stops, but two rails down (How can she DO that with 2'fences??) = pounding heart but good fun, another definite woot!

ETA: Those two training test scores combined to give us Reserve Champion Training Level Big Woot!!

Kaboose at Training level test 3: 52% = say what? it didn't feel that way at all, but looking at pictures Red Kate took (side note - Red Kate = Total WOOT!!!! it was so awesome to have you!) I guess it wasn't as nice as the work Penny was producing

Bob's daughter Hannah took Kaboose over the Novice and roughlyTraininglevel fences with stops in the first but none in the second. Funny mare.

Overall, lovely day. Kind judge, even if she didn't see what I felt, lovely lovely weather, wonderful people running and supporting the event.
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Fri had a long ride with Bob, I rode Ruby, and I think she was getting footsore at the end - mincing going down hill, and stumbling. She was fine in the pasture after we turned them out. Then the giant scrimmage to get to family camp.

Sat was mostly settling in, but also boating and a little quiet reading and some (indoor) wall climbing which I didn't totally suck at. I did creditably well, and was willing to stretch for things and use my legs, but it isn't my sport, in the same way running isn't really my sport but I can see how it might get compelling.

Sun they opened the High Ropes course. Aerin scrambled up everything with such joy and speed and grace, I got kind of choked up about it. She came down from the most difficult one (called the Vertical Playpen) and wondered aloud what our circus teachers would do with it - the toe hangs and knee hangs and arabesques all as part of solving the challenge. I did one called Floating Islands - it looked like a video game designer had thought it up; little 2x4' platforms held up at the corners, 20 feet in the air, and you had to step from one to the next. It was possible to reach the next only by standing quite close to the edge of the one you were on, and reeeeaching out (over the abyss) to get the strings for the next one. One is, of course, harnessed to the nth and completely safe, but it doesn't feel like it to your hind brain.

Monday accompanied the marching band in the Memorial Day Parade and Program, helping hold, water and feed the animals children young adults kids. They had a picnic after, and I went off to work.

I rode today, jumping Penny over tiny courses (short fences, short sets of things strung together) and while she did great, my position frankly sucks. I need practice on somebody steady, to get my leg, hand and eye back. Penny is very honest about things - straight to the fences, no wibbling, no offers to slide out from under you. We had a minor skirmish at some large blue barrels I had tipped over, mostly because the fence was narrow, and we came into it a little awkwardly. Oddly, the skirmish happened after we'd cleared it cheerfully, both directions. But we finished flying over everthing in fine style, and I got a lot more go out of her than she is usually willing to offer. Bob thought he'd try on her tomorrow or Thurs, weather permitting.

Ruby's feet were sore enough on Sat that she couldn't be ridden, and she seemed a little tender today, so she is getting a short rest and then light work. She might need shoes. Especially if she keeps carrying people who are large.


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