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everyone's got them, right? the inner 2 year old, the inner 8 year old, the inner (or not so much) 25 year old, even, when I am feeling old and creaky, the inner 90 year old (she's pretty wise though - she tells me to go do things so I won't regret not having done them. apparently she doesn't care if I read enough, because she thinks I can do that when I can't do anything else. I hope she's right.)

My inner 12 year old is having a field day. I don't wanna make things, even though making things makes me happy, I don't wanna exercise even though exercise makes me stronger, I don't even wanna go ride other people's horses, even though I love them and they make me a better rider; all I wanna do is go to the barn and ride, then sit there and clean tack and stare at MY PONY

so I think I'll indulge the inner 12 year old today (and placate the 90 year old) and go ride, and clean tack, and think, but it is Gym Time tomorrow you girls and you better deal.

by the way - melt saddle soap in the microwave, and add cinnamon leaf oil (because that is what you can find at the organic store in the aroma therapy section because [apparently] straight cinnamon oil is kinda toxic harsh) and let it cool for a FAABulous smell when cleaning tack, some antifungal properties, and nice smelling hands when you are done. Random win!

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The temperature on Monday when leaving for the barn: 20 F
Temperature yesterday heading for a lesson: 32 F
Temperature this morning waiting for kids to get get moving: 56 F

I don't even need to wait for menopause for hot flashes.

Strange day yesterday. I seemed to be channelling my inner two-year-old. Half way through yoga, she said "I'm done." Having parented a two-year-old I allowed as how we really weren't done yet but if she did these three things we could be finished. So we did.

At my riding lesson I chose the easy horse, and was cold and stiff to the right. The ground was frozen, we just walked and trotted, but I finally unlocked my right shoulder and got her in a better frame. I love my teacher. She is encouraging, she doesn't let me say really unkind things about myself (which I am working on not doing anyhow) she offers several different ways to think about what I am doing, and she introduced me to fade/flood and ghost horse, two pieces of imagery that help when riding her horses, and seem to be helping ride the Canadian ponies as well.

My inner two-year-old was delighted with the horse and wanted to feed her all the peppermints in my pocket. And only wanted to sit and walk, being led around in circles. With her hands in the mane, shrieking "horsie horsie horsie" at the top of her lungs. I mostly scotched that.

And then after getting to Brattleboro, I fell asleep in a chair while Aerin was doing her circus stuff, allowing my inner two-year-old a much needed nap.

I would prefer to locate my inner ten-year -old. They have a larger vocabulary, some additional reading skills and can sit the trot better.

I think today I will go see if I can flatten out Kaboose's extraordinarily lumpy paddock, and pick up any stuff that has stopped being frozen down, and maybe ride her for a short but intense 20 minutes to get her happier and calm for her owner to have a good lesson tonight.


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