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Al had to drive me over to see Bully yesterday, on account of the migraine, and I wanted him to see the horse he has so kindly underwritten for the year, and the tiny adorable barn where he's living....

What strikes me as funny is that if you whapped Al on the head with a magic wand, he'd turn into a horse very like Bully - fine boned, high strung, dark wispy hair, tons of education, generally unflappable but easily startled, hard to feed, twisty sense of humor, fast but slightly klutzy, generally aloof

The longer Al looked at Bully the more similar I found them, and the more it made me laugh.

I was too wiped to ride, but I wanted to pat the horse and lunge him to see if he was sound, which he was, and let him graze for a little, which he did. He's settled in really well, and is calmer at the new place than he was at the old place - more willing to eat in one place for longer, and less likely to grab two bites and circle around me.

Lesson on Bully today, still working on being a six day a week rider... epic fail yesterday, on account of my goddamn head. There are days I'd like to just remove it, and maybe replace it with one that doesn't hurt so much. Except the odds are that it wouldn't think the same way either, and I've spent years getting this set of thought processes in place....
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fucking appalling fucking incapacitating fucking life sucking fucking fucking migraines
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Just for future reference, I think I may have killed the headache (three days later) with a giant burger and all the fries that came with it. Plus Key Lime Pie for dessert. It was probably enough calories to keep me going for a week, but it felt great.

I managed a pathetic run that morphed into an elliptical machine because my knees hurt and I was tired and stupid and couldn't breathe.

I accomplished some fabric

life always improves, it just takes a while.

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While it was the best memorial service ever, it was still a memorial service and made me cry. I have been so off balance since we got home that I haven't accomplished any of the usual exercise things. I tried to ride the Canadians and they'd had teeth and shots done and were not feeling their very best. Today was headachey from the beginning (I despise waking up with a headache) but at least I managed a lesson with Lani, riding the lovely little blonde tank.

I am particularly amused at how two toned he is, like a car from the 1950's with a great paint job. It is particularly apparent when he is shedding and all the different colors of gold and white are piled up under his feet.

I am still feeling shaky and not entirely happy. I am hoping sleep will help. If some sleep helps some, maybe a lot of sleep will help a lot....


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