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I am lucky today - in the weather, in my teacher, in my kids... all of it.

Had a great lesson on the tank pony, and managed to bring my camera and get it into Lani's hands for the lesson. She had fun chopping my head off to get all of the pony in the picture. The best of the bunch are here and here and here. I am startled by how high my knees are even when I am bareback - somehow my legs felt longer than they look. But I am pleased that my hands are low and steady, and my elbows are in.

Fabric soon, plus I think I might owe one from yesterday too.

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I'm having a good moment.

I've been having several lately, and I'm lucky and grateful.

It is summer. I am not waking anyone up. I am not making anyone go to bed. I have two other-people's-horses to ride, both in the same place, both fabulous (mother and daughter Canadians; big, cheerful, kind, horses, owned by lovely lovely people. I am really lucky on that score) and there is a mini pony there that Alice likes and is working with me on training. Up til now, the mini's been a lawn ornament. Up til now, Alice gets worried by big horses. Or even big ponies.

At this very moment, my girls are outside playing Manhunt (that game of 4000 names with hiding and seeking and shrieking and running and all done best in the dark) with a friend who is spending part of the week. We went up to my favorite pond, sailed the little dinghy, swam, stopped for candy on the way home. I had six kids in my car. Three neighbors, one extra friend, two of my own. We grilled things for supper. I walked to town to get the next video (the 3rd Indiana. Nevar the 2nd) and it was soft and warm and lovely, and there were fireflies all over the hedges and the field next door where the kids are.

Still lucky.

Still grateful.

More about the Canadians sometime.


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