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two days riding, back to back!! the astonishment might tip me over.

Kaboose is sound again, but still amazingly grumpy. Lani suggested testing for Lyme, which is good advice but expensive. Bob rode her today and was having some issues with cantering, both the transitions and maintaining a canter. Part of the issue is that he is a kind of floppy rider, and he was sending decidedly mixed signals, and part was just that she was tight and grumpy. And yet he loves her, and she works well for him when he is still(er) in the saddle. When I hopped on her, she did better, but still tight. We called her done, because the rain was coming down (again).

Penny was also sound, but sooo sloooooow. I worked and worked on getting her to move smoothly and quickly off my leg. It is getting there, but slowly. Yeah - slow through time, slow from her, slow all around.

Andin the personal grooming department, I have been shorn like a sheep. I finally have hair that looks the way I think I do - about an inch all over. I love it. If the place hadn't been open, I was going to take Al's beard trimmer to it, with one of the stops on it to keep from taking it all off. Just most of it.


Mar. 25th, 2008 06:49 am
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To what extent can we change ourselves?

It is pretty well acknowledged that you can't change someone else, but how successful are we at changing ourselves? If I manage to make something every day for a year, but can't organize myself to make something a week for this year, did I really effect anything by producing 300 fabric postcards? Or am I still me, going through a different set of motions.

There are people who talk about hacking themselves, like they are some kind of operating system with rules that can be understood and modifyied. I feel uniquely solid at the moment, in a bad way. Opaque. Thrashing. I can feel old habits persisting, old ways of thinking still there.... I wasn't a miserable kid, or a truly miserable teenager, so it could bother me more than it does, but I do wish I felt wiser, and stronger, and mroe like I was going somewhere rather than spinning through the weeks and years and doing nothing much.


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