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Thank you, I voted. For Mayor, and a handful of town offices.

I rode the horse that makes me work hard for my lesson. It was like having brussel sprouts, but we had moments with butter sauce. But I was too tired to ride Bully, which was bad sad.

Plus I had to get home to make a thing which I cannnot show you because the camera and the ancient PC and the camera software on the mac conspire against me. It isn't quite done yet, but it pleases me.

And then go to Brattleboro, and talk to my friend Anne about doll construction. It is strange to go back into notes and construction techniques from 5 years ago.
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exercise: yoga/pilates - will I ever be able to do the roll-over right? I keep thinking I have strength but I none in those exact muscles
horses: lesson on the huuuge horse
fabric: yesterday's is dry, and today's is just silly

Woke up with one arm numb. (ETA I am fine! I've been checked by a physician, we both think the blood people crunched some crucial nerve when I last donated, but it makes for some interesting times. I can't grip for too long, and it is a really strong reminder to loosen up.) and the day just got harder from there.

It was an exhausting lesson on the huge horse. It took a while to get organized, and the stud colt kept coming to visit and distracting him. Everyone was gentlemanly but distracted. It also took a while to get softer, and we never did get a 10m turn to the left - partly because things kept getting in our way (poles, parts, mud) and partly because I couldn't rebend him quick enough to get there.

I got off feeling like I'd been beaten.

I still feel tired, and I am wondering what it is about riding that makes me so tired. I get off the girls and my knees give out. What gives?

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I have said before that I'd be a happy woman if I never had to ride training level test one again in my life.

I think I need to rethink this position.

Maybe my life work is to hone my version of Training level test one until it is PERFECT. Connected, through, calm and precise; Grand Prix level concentration and riding brought to the small ring and the lowest level.

That is still hard. That is still worth doing. Right?

le sigh - I just wanted a different pattern, really.
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an odd day.

no yoga, instructor sick, instead some kind of weight thing with a giant ball. I want to steal one of the exercise balls for the ponies - I think they'd love booting it about the pasture. After 45 minutes of antagonism I realized I was doing OK and not hating it so much as disoriented and disappointed to miss yoga. But OK, I did good, and then I went for a lesson.

I rode the tall giant horse, we joke about him being the size of a NY city block, with skyscrapers. We did great. I have to keep for getting tight in my left arm, and we experimented with a host of things images to use to accomplish that.

At the end of my class a friend from (counts) 3 barns ago showed up with her husband to take a driving lesson with Lani and Alex the magical mind-reading Morgan. They have two Connemara/warm-blood crosses, both about 15 hands, both buckskin, one from NH and one from VA. Both gorgeous. It was sweet to catch up.

I am done now, even though I have three ideas for fabric things, I have to get some sleep,a nd I'll do more tomorrow. Plus ride the red horse again, if she's still there. Like I said, it is the not knowing.
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I have the Best. Instructor. Evar.

There I am riding a horse that strongly resembles a New York city block with skyscraper - he is tall, he is long, and he Could Not be more different from my friend the tank pony - and Lani tells me to do something. She says something about sit up and think this, and it will happen, and sure enough it happens, and she shouts with glee and says 

Isn't that great? Isn't that just like magic? I always tell my students to do that, and then I think "boy I hope it works this time" and then - IT DOES!! how awesome is that? 

exercise: yoga/pilates class
horse: awesome lesson, with Magic
fabric: nearly done, will post tomorrow
extra: Aerin turns 15 today
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exercise: yoga/pilates class
horse: AWESOME lesson, in snowstorm
fabric: not yet
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That was FABULOUS!

Riding the little Haflinger again, bareback again, and working on -


Working on riding every step, and keeping the trot (esp) exactly where I wanted it, slow it in the first speeding up, lift it in the first slowing down, so there isn't a lot of time wasted between things starting to go wrong and me fixing it. In fact, if I am paying enough attention, it feels like I am scratching inside his head rather than talking to his mouth. It was nice to have permission to go really really slow, and doing so made me feel like I did have complete control over every single soft step.

I love that my teacher lets me, even encourages me, to leave the saddle off.

My lower back is really sore, and I can't tell if it because I am Doin it Rong and thus it is sore, or if I am Doin it Rite and it is merely tired. I am hoping the latter, because today the riding felt really good, and my teacher liked my seat. But i did thump about on the red mare yesterday. Probably some of each.

Off to Brattleboro, home for supper, snow tonight. Aerin is actually hoping for school tomorrow so she can take her finals for the semester and get them over with.

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gym: check (pilates and yoga)
ride: check - lesson today
fabric thing: check

Lesson on the patient Morgan mare over icy terrain which we both hated. It took a lot of effort and a lot of hands forward and finally even a pair of spurs to get us into the kind of frame that was easy in September. Winter has a lot to answer for. And yet, being able to having to focus so hard on one particular thing makes it better and more ingrained, so that when the easier weather comes, there is one more layer of better reflexes installed in me.

Ice storm predicted for tonight late, the edge of the front was hovering over us all day.


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