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well. It just goes to show you me that I should clean out my mailbox more often, because there was a suspiciously slender envelope in there from the Trustees of Reservations saying (to my amazement) that I'd been accepted to the Crane Estate Art show and sale. I thought little envelopes meant thank-you-for-your-interest-NO

The pieces I'd applied with? My mother walked off with two weekends ago. To her credit, she left me a check for them (that doesn't usually happen). Still, they are gone as gone can be.

So I need to get off my butt (and off a horse, given my life lately) (notnotNOT falling off, please?) and make a couple newer-but-similar pieces, maybe a little larger, and 5 or 6 reproductions that can be shrinkwrapped and sold for less. Before October 31, when they have to be delivered.

my little brain is shrieking YIKESyay?YIKES!!yay?!YIKESyayYIKESyay??

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in other news, the Boy, and his fish, which I made and am deeply proud of

The fish, not the Boy.

The Boy I am simply smitten with, as he is clearly the best and sweetest and smartest and funniest nephew I have ever had.
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Malcolm Gladwell, who I love for a variety of reasons, has produced an article that leaves me still more in his debt.

With his usual combo of research and interview, he draws a distinction between prodigies (which I've always known I wasn't) and experimentalists, which label I can cheerfully claim. I have been making things in fabric for years. I finally feel I am making interesting things, and improving. It has been a long time, and I have been distracted by small things like children and horses, but I am more encouraged now than I have been for a while.



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