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umm - woot, I think?

Training level test 2: 62.85% (with her mother whinnying  like a maniac from the sideline - Bob was joking about Kaboose as a stage mom) = 4th place

Training level test 3: 66.8% (with much better behaviour from Kaboose) = 1st place (definitely a woot!!)

Course of 2'/60cm fences with no run-outs or stops, but two rails down (How can she DO that with 2'fences??) = pounding heart but good fun, another definite woot!

ETA: Those two training test scores combined to give us Reserve Champion Training Level Big Woot!!

Kaboose at Training level test 3: 52% = say what? it didn't feel that way at all, but looking at pictures Red Kate took (side note - Red Kate = Total WOOT!!!! it was so awesome to have you!) I guess it wasn't as nice as the work Penny was producing

Bob's daughter Hannah took Kaboose over the Novice and roughlyTraininglevel fences with stops in the first but none in the second. Funny mare.

Overall, lovely day. Kind judge, even if she didn't see what I felt, lovely lovely weather, wonderful people running and supporting the event.
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The smaller, younger, squirmy Ruby horse and me (with stompage!) from the Sunday show, for proof (of white britches? of the test? I dunno.)

She is very interested in EVERYTHING ELSE, and desperately wanted a drink at the puddle, but overall did pretty well.


May. 17th, 2009 02:51 pm
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Well, a success on several counts. No puking. No falling off. I did breathe, for both tests. There was laughter and stompage. And a ribbon.

For Ruby I maintained a sense of humor (I burst out laughing at the halt, she was that foolish) and a good thing too because she was classically squirmy for most of the test. Glenatron - we had ring stompage! you would have been proud! One section down, but a majority of feet remained in the ring and we were not disqualified. Final score 54.0% from an Extreemely generous judge. It won us a ribbon! Sixth place, because all the ribbons I have won since I restarted this process are Sixth Place!

Penny behaved verry badly for Bob, cutting corners, failing to canter, breaking from the canter and finally plowing right out of the ring to eliminate herself. I hopped on her and spoke severely for a couple minutes, and we had some much better moments in our test. Again, the judge was generous. She broke the canter in the first canter circle, and then we failed the last canter depart in Training 2 (because she was tired and it was in a mud puddle) but there were some very nice trot circles, and the judge gave us 7s (!!) for the free walk to med walk transition, and for both changes of rein. Final score of 57.14, which is waay better than we deserved.

I compete because I like to know how I stack up. I like to have a goal. I like dressing up in silly clothes and prancing around on a pony. I actually like memorizing my test, and practicing it. I hate the nerves beforehand, and I have trouble talking myself down from them. Once I am riding, I like being watched, and even judged, and I loove the comments.

Also I rather like being done before lunch? I think that is specific to dressage shows, and competing at the lower levels (where I have been all my life!)

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The Penny horse was tired but willing, and we rode our test (T2) twice (taking heed of Hannah's experience) and then practiced some canter departs from the trot, working to smooth them out. Penny's default is to slow down and stop. It makes her a reassuring trail horse, and very forgiving for Bob, but it means getting her MOVING is HARD. However, all our down transitions rock! 

The Ruby horse was sassy, still. We rode our test (intro B)  twice and after I got it un-conflated with the other test, we did it again just to be sure. Then, because she still had attitude to burn, we experimented with more cantering. She is getting more assured at the canter in both directions, and much better picking up the right lead, but it is fast and bumpy and verry pony-like. We tried some circles, and some straights, and a little more plain around the ring. I am hoping some wild child will fall in love with her and have to own her. She needs a kid of her own.

Finished fabric, part of an ongoing series of ten leaves.


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