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Thank you, I voted. For Mayor, and a handful of town offices.

I rode the horse that makes me work hard for my lesson. It was like having brussel sprouts, but we had moments with butter sauce. But I was too tired to ride Bully, which was bad sad.

Plus I had to get home to make a thing which I cannnot show you because the camera and the ancient PC and the camera software on the mac conspire against me. It isn't quite done yet, but it pleases me.

And then go to Brattleboro, and talk to my friend Anne about doll construction. It is strange to go back into notes and construction techniques from 5 years ago.
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The Penny horse was tired but willing, and we rode our test (T2) twice (taking heed of Hannah's experience) and then practiced some canter departs from the trot, working to smooth them out. Penny's default is to slow down and stop. It makes her a reassuring trail horse, and very forgiving for Bob, but it means getting her MOVING is HARD. However, all our down transitions rock! 

The Ruby horse was sassy, still. We rode our test (intro B)  twice and after I got it un-conflated with the other test, we did it again just to be sure. Then, because she still had attitude to burn, we experimented with more cantering. She is getting more assured at the canter in both directions, and much better picking up the right lead, but it is fast and bumpy and verry pony-like. We tried some circles, and some straights, and a little more plain around the ring. I am hoping some wild child will fall in love with her and have to own her. She needs a kid of her own.

Finished fabric, part of an ongoing series of ten leaves.
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exercise: ran, outside! for about 2 miles? total, probably 1.5 of that running
horses: Penny! Trail ride! lost in the woods! 1.5 hours (no moose)
fabric: Yes!
plus: Tax Cake for Al.

Just because it is a thankless task, doesn't mean you shouldn't get thanked. This year's was chocolate with melted raspberry jam+cordial in between and white sherry frosting (no vanilla [yeah, I know, panic in the streets], sherry worked pretty well)

I keep thinking I am not running right because it hurts so many different parts of me, and I can't breathe. I can bike all day, I can walk a long ways, I can ride horses for a long time, is running really that much harder?

I vow never to go thrashing about in the woods without a GPS again. I think I was one hill away from the other end of the power line trail I wanted to get home, but the town line went the wrong way so we had to turn around and go back the way we came out. Penny was completely awesome. Aside from keeping a sharp eye out for any more moose, she kept moving nicely.

I think I both niggle and mumble with my leg aids. I was trying to say nothing until I wanted to say something definite. It seemed to smooth communications.

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Just for future reference, I think I may have killed the headache (three days later) with a giant burger and all the fries that came with it. Plus Key Lime Pie for dessert. It was probably enough calories to keep me going for a week, but it felt great.

I managed a pathetic run that morphed into an elliptical machine because my knees hurt and I was tired and stupid and couldn't breathe.

I accomplished some fabric

life always improves, it just takes a while.

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exercise: ran 5 5min sets at 5 miles an hour, plus put the treadmill up to 1 for an incline, thought i was gonna die
horses: penny and ruby about 35 mins each
fabric: YAY!! finally what I was envisioning, all those days and strips of red and black ago

I worry that if I take some time off from miss a ride with the girls that Leonor will hire another, more official rider to take over. That happened last summer, legitimately because I was gone for a chunk of the summer, but then we got kind of cross threaded in the fall. But I think I will be riding more this summer.

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exercise: knees hurt from Sat. run, so I got 45 mins on an elliptical and a lot of weights from the trainer
horses: cleaned a barn, before the rain came (good timing)
fabric thing: mixed results - none of them are the diamonds I am looking for, I have some rulers and triangles in my future

I have decided that my new haircut feels like someone else's clothes. They may fit perfectly, but the fabric is wrong and dry clean only and has frilly bits in places I don't normally. I guess I will continue to get used to it, and it will grow, and possibly I will whack it all off in another month anyhow, and return to something I recognize when I see myself in the mirror.

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exercise: yoga/pilates - will I ever be able to do the roll-over right? I keep thinking I have strength but I none in those exact muscles
horses: lesson on the huuuge horse
fabric: yesterday's is dry, and today's is just silly

Woke up with one arm numb. (ETA I am fine! I've been checked by a physician, we both think the blood people crunched some crucial nerve when I last donated, but it makes for some interesting times. I can't grip for too long, and it is a really strong reminder to loosen up.) and the day just got harder from there.

It was an exhausting lesson on the huge horse. It took a while to get organized, and the stud colt kept coming to visit and distracting him. Everyone was gentlemanly but distracted. It also took a while to get softer, and we never did get a 10m turn to the left - partly because things kept getting in our way (poles, parts, mud) and partly because I couldn't rebend him quick enough to get there.

I got off feeling like I'd been beaten.

I still feel tired, and I am wondering what it is about riding that makes me so tired. I get off the girls and my knees give out. What gives?

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So the red mare is going to the eastern part of the state tomorrow, getting ridden 5 or 6 times a week and jumped at least once a week. That will be great for her, and I think the woman riding her will have a good time.

I will miss her like crazy, but I will also be riding her daughter Penny, and Penny's half sister Ruby (shared sire), who are, respectively, almost 5 and almost 4. I think of them as the girls. They are fun, and I will have a good time.

The woman's extremely green TB mare will be coming to hang with the girls until the trainer can take her. I am invited to ride her as I choose, but the idea of matching wits with an extremely green TB mare is kind of daunting.

in other news, I realized I had last had a real hair cut during the Clinton administration, so I changed that. Results here. That is about a foot shorter than this morning.

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Exercise: ran, chased by trainer around weights for upper and lower body
horses: three Canadians
fabric: yes

I hate running. However, I have accomplished a paradigm shift, where walking is sometimes too slow, and then I can run somewhere.

woot, anyone?

The weights thing has to give me a rest because I feel like my arms are going to break off. I can do nothing but horses tomorrow, and skip Yoga/pilates and count on circus to stretch and whatever else.

Rode Ruby down the road and back. We got further than before. Still a lot of spooking, and some very snorty moments but in general better behaved than Monday. Also 20 degrees warmer and many fewer leaves flapping around. I am thinking that rocks and trees are much less scary than mailboxes and storm drains, which might explain some of the difference between the fall pony and the now pony.

Took the red horse on the trail ride I meant to do Monday when I got lost, and we had a lovely time. The ground was clear almost all the way around the loop. We mostly walked and trotted, but we did do  a little cantering and jumped over three downed logs. One was after we had to walk over two because they were under something I would have cracked my head on, then two strides of trot and pop over. It was awesome. Except for the remarkably duplicitious mud that I failed to understand but we got through that too.

Still working on Penny in the ring, doing a lot of mounting and dismounting. She's getting better, calmer and more likely to stand still as a rock while I mess about on and around her back. After a stiffish workout I practiced leading her up to everything and mounting from it: cavaletti blocks, large rocks, stumps, a small plastic barrel with sand in the bottom. Definitely improving. Tomorrow, the folding chair.

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the minuses:
potholes, really big ones
those potholes get bigger
erosion goes faster
the glare ice in the early morning that takes your feet right out  from under you (with a whooshy noise)
mud season
the pluses:
maple syrup season, with pancakes, and baaacon

I can't think of any other pluses. The croci won't appear till the freezing mostly stops. Spring won't start until I see a crocus. 

In other news, the red mare, the bike ride on Sunday in the amazing sun, and the fabric made of washers that I constructed yesterday
Also, I used a saddle on the blonde Haflinger tank in my lesson today, and it felt Really Odd. I couldn't feel his back, and I felt kind of bereft. And those dangly things I was supposed to put my feet in? What a curious concept(!)

And finally, may I protest some major inadequacies in the mood choices? There is no Present, no Inquisitive, no Puzzled - to name a few I have wanted to choose and been unable to. humph. We are Not Impressed.

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I did nothing yesterday except this - I am simultaneously pleased that I accomplished that, because it is getting towards the awesome I was thinking about, and depressed because I did nothing else. Which means that I am good when I focus, and don't try to accomplish anything but that one thing. But I didn't ride, didn't exercise, didn't actually go out of the house except to drop off and retrieve offspring... How am I going to live a creative life if I also have to want to do other things, like ride, and (whisper this) compete, maybe even not at training level test one??? plus the stuff I do have to do, which is not negotiable. I have to be present when a kid needs me, still, although not for a lot longer where not-alot < a decade.


stop sleeping

stop parenting

stop cooking

I have already given up housecleaning and vacuuming and dishwashing

stop whining, that would be a good first step. Followed by spring and warm and not tired.

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exercise: minor shovelling
horses: waved off the barn work
fabric: oh yeah, plus some sekrit stuff

I am on the steep, crap part of the learning curve for my new fabric toy/tool - that place where you have to write the first million words, or spend the first year in the saddle, or work the first 200 hours to get the feel for the medium, and what you I can and can't do with it. So I figure I'll just whang away at it, and see what kinds of things I can make. They do have a kind of unified flatness that I am finding kind of boring. I think the stuff/end result might be best used for backgrounds and substrates for embroidery, both hand and machine, and maybe construction.

I have work to finish on a 7" square of Exquisite Corpse containing boobs and shoulders. Since none of you are my EC partners I think I can tell you this. You people are reading my stealth blog. (insert stealthy music of your choice)

The snow day was completely legit - we got about a foot, and it kept coming down and the wind blowed like snit from the north, which was cold. It was fluffy and I fell down in it a bunch while I was clearing off the cars.

I will be so pleased when it is spring. Although I must admit I kind of dread mud season.

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and so is the rest of February, and I am so very very glad.

Friday I saw Bunraku puppets, and got to do the left hand of a lady puppet, which was very cool, and then I tore over to the High School and participated in the Teacher, Student and Parent Talent Show to benefit the band's trip to DC this spring. I was one of 8 moms in the music stand drill team. We rocked. Plus we had the real drum major directing us, and he brought a real gravitas to the whole proceedings.

Yesterday after I finally finished all the loose pieces of the February fabric I went to Lani's and rode the blonde haflinger tank. We had a long lesson, and then went walking in the woods. I was so tired at the end I had to reach down and grab my right leg and drag it over the pony's back. I was grateful that he's so short because I kind of toppled off in a very undignified fashion.

Today after a long and arduous yoga session (Sunday is Church of Yoga for me) I made all the February fabric pieces fit together, and it looks like this. That post sounds whiny but I think I am fairly well pleased with it.

Now I get to sit and knit on the pink and orange socks, and tomorrow I will start some daily March thing that makes much use of my new felting thing.

Red Queen

Feb. 26th, 2009 02:57 pm
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exercise: pilates/yoga plus headstands
horse: Red Queen, 2.5 miles of slow road work
fabric: not yet

I knew, if I could just pry myself off the bench and get up to the barn I would have a good ride, and it was still So Fucking Hard to get going.

We did, in fact, have a great ride. We walked down the road away from home, and trotted on the flat parts, and turned down the dirt road and trotted on that, and finally just before we turned around she sighed a couple times and sneezed and relaxed that last bit. Once we turned around she was interested and forward but not crazy like the last time. I think it helped that there was no one to show off for. When it is just us she behaves better. I think she has to have more faith in me as a leader when we are on our own.

We battled fear of a flapping plastic bag, and won.

Now all I have is driving and circus, and I intend to climb the fabric today, and maybe see if I can still do any of the fabric tricks, because it has been a while.
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I have no title.

exercise: 4 stalls, countless water buckets, 20 bales of hay, followed by an hour of music stand drill team practice
horses: care and feeding only
fiber: yes, and fixed Saturday's too

stick a fork in me, I am Finished.

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exercise: yoga that made me pant, and circus that did also
horse: Kaboose, the Red Queen, through a different set of woods
fabric: yes

We have a puddle that is half the block long, can float the canoe, and develops white caps when the wind blows this hard. I am agitating for a light house and some bouys to help people navigate it properly.

Kaboose/Queenie (I keep thinking of the Other Kate's button that says "Don't call me Queenie Baby, it's degrading") was great except for an Extremely Terrifying Tree that seemed to be infested with tigers. She came to a screeching halt, quivering, and it took a lot of snorting to march up to it and touch it and get her peppermints. Nothing else was quite that horrible, even the place where the beavers are un-dissuaded by various pipes and wire cages.

Circus was AWESOME. The kids played together on Ariana's weird tubalar apparatus, experimenting with different things while Al and I tried to balance eachother in different strange ways. I totally rock as a base.

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I don't much like February. I hate the potholes, and the mysterious lumps of ice that are attached to the roads in shady places, and the way the snow that melted during the (admittedly charming) warmth of the day makes black ice that causes massive painful wipeouts in the early morning. The warmth is nice, although it is a snare and a delusion - not actually warm enough to take off the long underwear, for instance, although certainly warm enough to sweat through it when you  I decide it is still cold enough to need it. I like that the sun feels like something instead of nothing much. I dislike the grubby snow, and what feels like eternal gray skies. I am whiny today.

I did ride, it was a nice lesson, but even my beloved tank pony was slithering on the ice in one corner of the ring. We just went really slow.
I did, not one, but two (!) fabric bits
I had a yoga/pilates class ( I just cannot bring myself to type Yolates, or Yogalates, or any of those options) for exercise
I forgot to set supper to cook in the oven, so we had freezer pizza for supper.

Why does riding make me so tired? I can do stuff at the Y and finish feeling stretched and glowing and healthy and smug. I ride one horse and feel a little droopy, (happy but tired) - two and you can tip me over with a sharp exhale. Is it really that much effort on my part? I can't imagine doing Glenatron's month, riding several a day and doing other things on top of it. Although I can only suppose one toughens up. And sleeps all day Sunday, I hope.

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250 miles, 3 migraines, 2 cars, two adult children, two spouses, three grandchildren, two official family dinners - one realllly long weekend

We (Alice, Aerin and I) went to see my mother Friday. My brother was there with his wife and new baby. They were touring with the baby - his handlers and himself, on view to the masses...  For two happy days, plus this morning, I got to hug my nephew, who has to be one of the best babies of his age in the whole world. On Saturday we visited and ate non-stop. We saw my aunt and uncle, who are lovely in small doses. We saw my spare parents, and hugged them a lot. Al even drove in for lunch and supper, and drove home again. Aerin went with him because she was getting sick (mostly just snot; I am always grateful when there is no puking involved) and finally this morning Alice and I got blown about on Crane's beach before heading home. Honestly, it was 25 or 30 knots of wind, with whitecaps everywhere. We were joking about putting a string on Alice, and maybe a little more sail area and we could have flown her like a kite.

exercise: some beach, lots of hugging
horses: none, not even any on the beach to pine after
fabric: done and a view of the pieces so far

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I found this piece in the New Scientist that suggests that humans have a predisposition to religiosity, which is interesting. The most telling point to me is the place where atheists and agnostics were interviewed:

they often tacitly attribute purpose to significant or traumatic moments in their lives, as if some agency were intervening to make it happen. "They don't completely exorcise the ghost of god - they just muzzle it," Bering says

I find myself thinking about that. I ask the parking pixies to find me a space when trying to park downtown, but I don't actually think it works. And if it doesn't work, I think OK, I'll do that errand on foot. I have stopped cursing things because if I don't believe in a God and salvation there is no particular reason to believe in hell either.

Anyhow. I digress.

horses: three, all bareback, nothing but walking really
fabric: done, and done early too
exercise: circus, not terribly stressful but definitely something.

The horses were Wild when I got there this morning. It was cold and bright and blowing hard and they were all perky and bright and excited. I rode Kaboose a little, mostly walking. I am working on assuming that most of her horrible expressions are bluster, rather than intention. So far, that is working pretty well. We are also experimenting with soothing things rather than wearing-out things. When I lunged her, when she was at the place with the indoor, it seemed to rev her up more than take the edge off. Spending a lot of time walking and bending before working seemed to sooth her and let her relax into the work we were going to do.

When I pulled her bridle off outside, I was impressed by how orange her ears were against the blue sky. Bob was there, so we bridled the two younger dark girls, and he rode Penny (who hated the mounting part but was great for everything else) and I rode Ruby and we stomped around some. Bob was enchanted with how direct his feel was of Penny's back, and how warm and toasty she was. He has problems with circulation in his hands and feet, so keeping warm is a big thing in the winter. We swapped horses, and he had a blast bopping about on Ruby. I rode Penny, and Kaboose stood in the path and made horrible faces at us whenever we went past. Bob was laughing with delight. I feel like I made another convert.
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I won one of those deeply joyful moments yesterday. I realized in the middle of my lesson that I was really deeply happy with everything, from the pony and the lack of saddle to my teacher and the blowing snow to (even) my fogged glasses and dripping nose. It is easy, usually, for me to be joyful when the weather is nice. It is relatively easy to go out and ride when it is not snowing or raining or outrageously cold. But when I brave the elements and things go even a little bit well, it feels transcendent.

Al says I have a good grip on my sport.

in other news -

exercise: none
horses: none
fabric: rather!  here - have yesterday's too

why is there no religion based on sex?


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