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A friend from the last house, and a decade ago, came to visit with his two kids. Aerin and Will had been friends for 3 or 4 of their five years when we moved. They almost remembered each other. The combined kids fell in with the gang next door (two of hers and two of his in this new combination) plus the spares from around the neighborhood, and played soccer and four square.

Alice requested a bike ride and back to school pants, so we combined them and rode to the mall (6 miles down the bike path) and accomplished the things she needed, and rode back. She rocked it. I am so proud.

The kids, Alice especially, say we should practice listening to them now, so when we are old and getting dim we will have the habit of paying attention. I told her that if nice things happened when we listened, like bike rides and ice cream, then it would be easy for all of us.

And then at the video store I saw another friend with his two kids that I used to see at the Y all the time. They are huge too.

Good lesson this morning on the nose cone of the rocket mare, who thinks the weight of the rein is too much contact. We got some verra nice moments, but wow, hard work.

Aerin is working hard at Bassoon. It is a new clef, new embouchure, new notes, weird fingers... she is doing well, and working hard, but after not too long both her fingers and her cheeks give out and all she can do is honk.
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My crit group says I have to get stuff organized to show. Art stuff. So a lot of the next couple weeks/months are going to have more to do with mounting and framing than with making. Which is OK, but probably boring.

In other milestones, Aerin was filling out her first tax form last night.
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Well, I'll be.

That's my kid! Right on the page at MSN! Although the people who wrote the picture captions haven't a clue.

I got to ride horses today. It was a good day.

Alice is on the Spirit of Massachusetts, steering. Actually by now I hope she is sleeping.

I decided that if Bob really adores Kaboose, he should ride her better, so I administered a lesson of sorts. He has to sit up and ride from the center of his back, instead of the middle of his stomach. Plus be quieter. Part of what he likes about her is that she is more sensitive. Which means (to me) that he has to be a quieter rider, out of kindness and efficiency.

I rode Penny, and we worked on transitions because most of the comments in our tests were balanced between "hollow in transition" and "half halt needs to improve impulsion" - sooo lots of  get-off-my-leg and bend while you do it. Also I HAVE to stop holding her on the left rein so hard, because we have a veryvery bad feedback loop going there.

Leonor was thinking about transforming Ruby into a driving horse, so I watched her do some Clint Anderson lungeing and then I put a surcingle and bridle and side reins on her and we did some classical dressage lungeing. I could see her thinking. She is not sure. Also when I took off her tack, she trotted over to the gate, unstead of hanging around mooching for peppermints. Which made me laugh, because nearly nothing makes her not mooch for peppermints.

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Dad: so, are we done with Indiana?
Alice: which one is that?
Aerin: Indiana Jones and the Cursed Shiny Box
Dad: not cursed so much as protected
Aerin: whatever - touch this and we melt your wax double
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the tall child is tall(er)
enormously tall
yes, that is your chocolate child, Txanne


May. 29th, 2009 07:20 pm
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"Alice, you can't leave kissing velociraptor skeletons in front of the keyboard - other people use that computer."
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the minuses:
potholes, really big ones
those potholes get bigger
erosion goes faster
the glare ice in the early morning that takes your feet right out  from under you (with a whooshy noise)
mud season
the pluses:
maple syrup season, with pancakes, and baaacon

I can't think of any other pluses. The croci won't appear till the freezing mostly stops. Spring won't start until I see a crocus. 

In other news, the red mare, the bike ride on Sunday in the amazing sun, and the fabric made of washers that I constructed yesterday
Also, I used a saddle on the blonde Haflinger tank in my lesson today, and it felt Really Odd. I couldn't feel his back, and I felt kind of bereft. And those dangly things I was supposed to put my feet in? What a curious concept(!)

And finally, may I protest some major inadequacies in the mood choices? There is no Present, no Inquisitive, no Puzzled - to name a few I have wanted to choose and been unable to. humph. We are Not Impressed.

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That was weird. I wrote that yesterday, and lj ate it and regurgitated it today, when I was all set to start again.

Monday exercise: 7 stalls, water buckets, horses in from the field
Monday horse: Queenie/Kaboose up the road and back with Bob
fabric: fail

I talked Bob into a short ride this morning. He took little Ruby, and I rode the red mare. I am working on mounting without a block because we have been spending a fair amount of time out in the woods on our own and I want to be able to get back on if we part company. Ruby was great, but my mount went stupid on the way home and was pirouetteing and going sideways and extremely springy in a not-controlled kind of way. So we made circles in the road. Facing away from home she was fine, and we'd work on keeping the fine as we faced the other way, and then circle in the other direction. I was glad the road was small, untravelled, and even unplowed for part of it. Fortunately Ruby behaved with aplomb during Kaboose's pyrotechnics. We finished well enough. I think she does better on her own, although Bob says she doesn't get ridden much out alone. Having to rely on me for courage and direction is helping  her have more faith in me.

Poor Alice is sick, and sleeping on the living room floor next to a bucket hoping she will not throw up. Aerin has finally almost shaken the nose thing she had last week, and we are all hoping the illnesses will hold off til after vacation.

We did see Coraline. I liked the look of it, and I didn't think they took too many liberties with the book. I was sorry they changed the end away from the "protective coloration" bit from the book, because I liked that a lot, and it made me laugh.
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I wrote all about it here.

I'm tired.

It was a really good day.


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