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in a kindness from the universe, the Check Engine light went out on the car, so I got it inspected without having to buy a new catalytic converter - thank you, Universe

Sorry to whine about equine drama. It is the barn, not me, and I am in the process of fixing it, and all the rest of my horse caring year will be drama free. Except for forgetting key portions of dressage tests.

Today I rode Bully, and went into the woods, and we had a nice walk. He really needs shoes. That is the next step.

Still get to go to Parent Night and meet the teachers. Alice speaks well of them, so I am generally encouraged.
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exercise: changing flat tire
horse: Kaboose down the road and through the woods - big fun
fabric: shouldn't get cocky - failed today.

I am glad the slow leak in the tire got fast in my driveway rather than, say, Brattleboro. I wish going to do one thing on the car didn't mean doing two other, more expensive things as well.

Great ride with Kaboose in the woods. I was calling her Queenie, which seemed to fit. She was admired by a gentleman celebrating his 80th birthday who told me about working with a pair of Percherons, and a smaller pair, kind of like Kaboose. She liked him, and played pretty pony. I found some itchy spots on her face and withers, and was pleased I could make her relax with pleasure.

I rather wish the anti-bonk measures did not seem to conflict with the ongoing effort to scrape some excess pounds off.


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