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The Pig Panic continues, but he is at least eating supper and evening snack, if not breakfast.

He bit the baby barn owner. Not really a baby, just really young from where I am. And she got so mad at him, she left him inside and I had to go ride him and turn him out. The pig really has him profoundly agitated. He is, thank goodness,  to the point of drinking from the pasture water trough, although with his eyes bugged out and on full alert. If the pig moves, he bolts.

I am grateful I have had experience with toddlers who manage to support life while looking like they are eating nothing. In fact, as we know, they are living on crayons, dust, and six month old Easter candy found in the couch. And all the stealth food that you don't see them eat. They steal it off the counter. Like cats.

The saddle fitter is coming tomorrow. Once I had the correct number and stopped harassing an innocent undergrad the whole scheduling operation went much faster.

Feels like summer again. It is nice, but ends up with sweaty horses.

Pig Panic

Nov. 5th, 2009 08:04 pm
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Bully is worried about very few things. One of them is pigs. Guess what moved into the pen next to the barn where the chickens used to live?


It is a small pig, as pigs go, and mostly fuzzy white bristles, and black ears. He has the most lovely eyelashes. He talks to himself, grunting and snorting and squeaking and singing, rootling about in the pen.

Bully is appalled. Appalled to the point of disinterest in his feed, pacing his stall and having to have water carried out to him where he stomps at the far end of the field having discreet elderly fits. I hand grazed him so he had some food in him, and I think he probably grazed a tiny amount while he was turned out today.

I really, really hope he settles down enough to eat soon. I guess we can give him some of his feed separated from the mare in the back pasture.

foolish old man
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so, my horse has new shoes in front, freshly polished teeth, a new layer of fat and muscle and all that is left is the saddle fitter

J and I took her mare and Bully out yesterday after some ring work (which is actually front yard work - nice big, open and flat but unfenced) and stomped through the woods behind her neighborhood. There is a huge parcel of land that is surrounded by development but has no road frontage, and remains undeveloped - close to 90 acres - and we went exploring. It was gorgeous. I do love this time of year.
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Al had to drive me over to see Bully yesterday, on account of the migraine, and I wanted him to see the horse he has so kindly underwritten for the year, and the tiny adorable barn where he's living....

What strikes me as funny is that if you whapped Al on the head with a magic wand, he'd turn into a horse very like Bully - fine boned, high strung, dark wispy hair, tons of education, generally unflappable but easily startled, hard to feed, twisty sense of humor, fast but slightly klutzy, generally aloof

The longer Al looked at Bully the more similar I found them, and the more it made me laugh.

I was too wiped to ride, but I wanted to pat the horse and lunge him to see if he was sound, which he was, and let him graze for a little, which he did. He's settled in really well, and is calmer at the new place than he was at the old place - more willing to eat in one place for longer, and less likely to grab two bites and circle around me.

Lesson on Bully today, still working on being a six day a week rider... epic fail yesterday, on account of my goddamn head. There are days I'd like to just remove it, and maybe replace it with one that doesn't hurt so much. Except the odds are that it wouldn't think the same way either, and I've spent years getting this set of thought processes in place....
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i am beyond delighted and into obsessed with this horse

I can ride him well, or at least better than any other horse I've sat on in the last mumble4yearsmumble and I can feel my outside leg and my outside hand in a way I have never before. Weighting my outside stirrup stands him right up in a canter circle. Astonishing. I am in steady contact with the woman who leased him last summer ('08) and she has been telling me useful things and handing me objects I'll need.

finally found a raincoat for him, and increased the waterproof quotient with a can of scotchguard, just in time for the rain tomorrow

J (the sane barn owner, also appallingly young and looks like a pixie) says he is looking fatter - she may be right
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rode three out of five weekdays, which seems like the beginnings of success,

an old saddle of his is now mine and fits us both well enough for the moment, the fitter is coming when she gets back from Philly, borrowed leathers and irons, his bridle, his brushes, new bell boots, borrowed brushing boots for all four legs, new lunge line, still need a rain sheet/wind breaker layer (he gets cold easily) he has a light fleece blanket and a tough winter one already

going to make cinnamon saddle soap this weekend, because I heard on NPR that cinnamon oil inhibits mold, plus it would make the barn smell awesome

got cool calories, or something like it, to help make him FAT for winter, he is NOT an easy keeper, already I am worrying about it

horse has front shoes, no rear yet, the farrier says "we'll let him tell us if he needs them"

I am not sure the $$ allocated will both feed and house the horse and let me compete in th spring. Which sucks, but i will figure something out.

Fell asleep this morning after getting everyone off to school & etc., had hairy dreams about a giant ancient mill building with a leaking roof, like cataracts of water down the stairs, and the windshield on my ban peeling off because it was made of very still plastic instead of glass. I was driving around in a bombed out city with intersections like Worcester's and trying to find a place to stop to try to fix it (because it was raining - duh - which is why the roof was leaking) when Al woke me up to take me out to lunch.

need some way to organize info on horse and set up dates I won't miss, like teeth and next farrier

I love my horse, but he is kind of aloof - hard to catch in the field, not terribly interested in what I am doing, constantly staring nobly off over my shoulder at some distant horizon. It might get better as he gets to know me, but it looks a lot like just who he is.
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excellent birthday,
thank you for your kind wishes,

check out the horse here:
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In a very sweet piece of synchronicity, the horse I am leasing will be moved to the barn of my and his owner's choice tomorrow, on my birthday.

I have been OK'd by the owner, the place to put him has been OK'd by the owner, I have spoken to the wingnut (and her personal drama is waaaay worse than I thought; not only has she twins, now in the NICU having been born on Thursday, she is on antidepressants for post-natal depression, she is a single parent and the current boyfriend is not the dad) and things will now start to be simpler.

Still - a pony for my birthday. Sweet!
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ha - the aulde manne in an icon

'cept you can't see how sweet his face is
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in a kindness from the universe, the Check Engine light went out on the car, so I got it inspected without having to buy a new catalytic converter - thank you, Universe

Sorry to whine about equine drama. It is the barn, not me, and I am in the process of fixing it, and all the rest of my horse caring year will be drama free. Except for forgetting key portions of dressage tests.

Today I rode Bully, and went into the woods, and we had a nice walk. He really needs shoes. That is the next step.

Still get to go to Parent Night and meet the teachers. Alice speaks well of them, so I am generally encouraged.
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no icon for the old man yet - I was thinking Aulde Manne in my head

I did stop and feed him peppermints, having been told he is hard to catch, I figured I'd get in good with his pasturemate and then he'd eventually come see what he could scrounge from me as well. It worked pretty well. And simply offering peppermints and walking away again made his brain buzz. So when I came back from my lesson to hop on for a short ride to make sure I could do it by myself, he didn't even try to duck out on me. I have carrots for the next time.

Awesome awesome lesson, with the blonde tank. He was distracted and resistant, and Lani gave me a couple tools for getting him into a frame and keeping him there, and we had a canter that was awesome. Round, bright and light in the shoulders, upright around the corners.... it made me giddy.

And then I went and got the same canter on Bully, and it made me giddy all over again.
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so, ah - I have to learn some new dressage tests.

like First level tests 1, 2, and 3

because I just pushed the button on leasing the ancient horse who knows such things

and the theory is, that he'll teach me.

Or not.

Anyhow - one step closer to a life's goal 

Hey! I need a new icon for him! I'll try to accomplish that sometime soon....


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