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things I am doing right:

riding lessons resumed, rode a different horse at a different barn, but with the same instructor - didn't die, didn't fall off, acquitted myself well enough, learned something about my left hand

riding the gray horse outside in the snow because it is perfect - cantered in falling snowflakes, snow to his knees, snorting and whuffing, me laughing like a loon

bought my mother Monument Valley - the last call i got from her requesting help for something was because she was stuck halfway through level seven, and she's using it as rewards for working on her taxes

helped friends who are thinking about making a website - I hope long term this counts as doing it right

been taking vitamin D and B, seems to halp me be perkier and cheerfuller

a photo of mine landed on the Explore page of Flickr - that feels like amazing good luck, and has resulted nearly 5000 views and around 40 likes, and each like is making my phone bingle

located my workbench and sewing machine - finished one piece, started the next
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My crit group says I have to get stuff organized to show. Art stuff. So a lot of the next couple weeks/months are going to have more to do with mounting and framing than with making. Which is OK, but probably boring.

In other milestones, Aerin was filling out her first tax form last night.

barn on ice

Feb. 4th, 2008 10:48 pm
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temp: 38 F / 3 C
layers: many thin ones, plus chemical handwarmer
wipeouts: only one, to my astonishment
loose horses: only one, the REALLY DUMB one
Thoughts on the barn today: I have to make a livejournal userpic that says "I'm in ur barn, cleaning stalls" Oh, and I bet I could make some kind of lolhorse to do with electric buckets
Waterbuckets carried: even dozen

I made it to the barn after helping a friend at the Y get some of the machines under control. It was treacherously icy, so I led everyone carefully out to the paddock rather than let them galumph about. The dumb one (every barn has one - kind, cheerful, dumb as Rocks) just kept on walking, right past the open gate. That was when I tipped over, and the others almost made a break for it. I got everyone out finally, and get things organized. I was talking to the universe at large about not wiping out with the handle of the wheelbarrow jabbing me again. I did that last year, and had the most spectacular bruises along my ribs and inside my boobs. It was hard to get people to admire them properly.

After school the girls had rock climbing again, so I belayed children to keep them from falling out of the sky. At the end of class I asked for a belay up a more difficult route. This one was a lot harder - I had to think a little more about the various hand holds and footholds, and ask for advice a couple times. I actually fell off the wall once. That was a rush. In a really bad way. But I beat my way a little farther up before I gave up. I didn't make it to the top, but I have some ideas for what to do next.

I even managed to make my art thing for the week that was supposed to be done yesterday - but that is over at the other blog - http://dancingcrow.typepad.com


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