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My boat shaped lump is waiting for me to return, and I am up to my neck in PaintBox theater - productions by adults, for children and families on a budget. The genius who developed it is such a kindred spirit, it a huge pleasure to work with him, and I get to indulge my affection for glitter, cardboard and fake gems to an enormous extent.

We're starting the season with Wizard of Oz. We have three main actors, and Dorothy stays Dorothy, and one woman is Aunt Em, ALL the witches, the gatekeeper of the Emerald City, the scarecrow, briefly, and also the Lion for one scene (after that I get to be the Lion, which is a different pleasure.)Our third actor is a graduated kid from the high school, and he plays the Mayor, a narrator, the Tinman, OZ and the main Flying Monkey. Interns (and me) fill in when we need more people onstage.

So far, I have made a wand the size of a baseball bat, an oil can that started out looking more like a silver sippy cup but transmorgrified with help, and a Testimonial, a Degree of Thinkology and a truly enormous (the size of my hand) award for bravery with dangly bits and all the gold spray paint. It is EXCELLENT and Alice and I are deeply proud of ourselves. I've also borrowed three of Alice's stuffed dogs to audition for Toto, shoved some stuff into a pair of orange striped legs to be the flattened witch, and collected some additional random things. I cannot tell you how much I love this job!


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