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The shelter I need to build the boat under was missing a crucial corner piece and thus could not be assembled until I ahd ordered the missing piece from the manufacturer. Honestly I could have driven to CT and retrieved the piece faster than they got it to me, but I had other things to do and they politely requested I NOT arrive on their doorstep. So the boat arrived, all flat and lighter than I expected, as well as a box of sail and so forth and a small cubical heavy box of info, epoxy, and loose stuff. Boat parts are staying dry in the garage because the rain has been present or threatening since the part arrived on Friday.

Saturday was intense and hilarious and draining and complex. I agreed to be part of the costuming team for a 24-hour theater project. Friday night playwrights got a phrase and some actors. They worked all night to deliver six scripts on Saturday morning to six directors and stage managers who wrangled the scripts into palys on stage by 7 pm: 12 hours from script delivery to performance. There were four of us, two out scrounging for weird things, me talking to each director and keeping things in piles and a fourth person who happened to be the right size, and have sons the right size, to loan some of the more formal things required. The plays were great, the actors amazing, the whole process totally worth revisiting next year.

The only actual drawback to participating in something like 24-hour theater is the daylong production hangover the next day. That is just the price for being in productions. A long down day at the end of it. And here I am back in the studio picking up and tidying loose ends and starting to organize the schedule for the coming week and coming month.

Next week Paintbox Theater starts, the brainchild of Tom McCabe who tells stories. Theater for children by adults - a cast of three, a very simple set and props from around the house, or made from cardboard, lasts under an hour including intermission... it is great fun. I wrote Tom an email last spring saying "I can make anything out of cardboard, I work well with others, and I have a strange and lively sense of humor, you should hire me" and he did. It was GRAND, and I am delighted to be working for him again this summer.

Artistically speaking, I am flailing but I am flailing by making things instead of flailing by sitting on the couch and changing my own plans. Mostly picking up unfinished things and finishing them, and picking up small pieces of things that are interesting and stitching them together. So stuff is accumulating in the studio and I get to/have to think about how to make the boring stuff more interesting.


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