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My house is filled with children, mine and other people's. aaand as I age, the children get older as well. I mean, 19 and 23 and related ages were, when I was there, adulthood. And yet they are still my children.

Alice has her college room mate and two friends here - boys on the floor in the living room and room mate on her floor (I don't care where they go, I'm a libertine and working hard on keeping my mind out of my offspring's beds, locations are her choice), Aerin is here for the weekend with her young man - all told Al and I out seriously outnumbered. Which feels strange at the moment because we went out last night for supper because there was no one in the house and I wanted to visit with him. And then they all poured back in, yelling about wonder Woman and food and each other. I love them all. and I love that they come and go happily. This can go on for a couple years, as far as I'm concerned.

I am awake earlier than intended and typing in my studio for a while, watching the sun come up and the birds flit about. Eventually I shall go down and make two batches of muffins and hope that will serve to sate the hunger of a half dozen younglings.

The boat company called me about a sail mixup, and sent email with tracking info for my boat parts, so I will have the actual boat parts sometime next week. I keep saying I ahve to set up the shelter and I have not yet. Al admitted yesterday he was worried about me finishing the project, which is truthful, and nothing I haven't thought myself. It was worries about finishing that kept me from starting for years. I think I am feeling more agressive about finishing because this is a thing I want to do before I am too old, and I am feeling like I am aging far too fast.

I watch my dad losing his memories and his past, and think what it might be like. He seems less aggravated by it than I expect, Al suggests because getting upset is pointless and there is nothing much he can do about it. I think as he forgets things, he also forgets the idea of them - a kind of two part forgetting - that helps insulate him from his losses. I mean, this is supposed to be when he tells stories of his past and I remember them for my children, and the parts I am curious about are the parts that are gone - from his time in the Navy, just post WW II in the China Sea ferrying Chaing Kai Shek's troops away from some places and into others, to time at GE, and early days with my mother. I'm sorry he's lost the time he spent with Sea Education Association, because that provided a lot of pleasure. He dimly remembers being in the Caribbean with Lucia, and a little about his adventures following that. Almost none of his time at WHOI remains, another job that provided a lot of pleasure, and took him to ports around the world to catch various Institute ships. He's been in and out of parts of India and Africa that I have to search for on a map -

I dunno, I'm just nattering now.

eh. Think too hard, and it turns into navel gazing (I started with naval gazing, which is maybe what I do when I stare at the backyard full of boats? that is less naval though - maybe it was gazing at the Annapolis Naval Academy...) and hardly worth writing down.
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