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I find I am doing a lot of talking in the comments at Clever Manka, which bleeds off any pressure to write things elsewhere, like here.

Alice and I went to Annapolis, which was amazing and slightly alarming and great fun.

Amazing was spending that much time with a self-aware, intelligent, well read, wryly hilarious human I happened to create from scratch. Alice is SUCH an excellent travelling companion, and we had a truly lovely time just talking as we drove through all the states between Mass and MD.

Alarming was looking back on my experiences in Annapolis, the people that are no longer there, and what exactly I did at age 19. I wound up telling Alice a lot of stories about what I did there, while miserable at Goucher for my late freshman year. She was O.0 at a lot of it, which, in retrospect, I was as well. I mean, Harry whose wife was in a car accident shortly after having their baby, and the baby died and Anne was still in the hospital not-walking while Harry was pursuing Elf who was declining gently but not very effectively until Anne was out of the hospital and thus Harry was open for sex with anyone else and I qualified for a while (I did NOT talk about that part) and I fell for a guy twice my age who was a steeplejack and I pursued him with the intensity that only a sex crazed 19 year old can bring to the project, and Blake who played piano in piano bars in Annapolis and his gaggle of girls who worshipped him, and Hobbit who was having apocalyptic visions and convincing all the rest of us they were prophetic and immanent.... it was complex and very very ugly and high key stressful. honestly, moving far away from all of that and taking six courses was an enormous relief. As was eventually cutting off contact with every single one of the people involved.

Great fun - well. All the tiny boats at CLC were simply grand. Alice and I petted all the ones on the hard on Friday, and Sat we went to the beach and tested a bunch of them including a sliding seat ocean rowing object that was amusing but not sustainable, two different sailing options, a third sailing option the rudder fell off while we were in mid-sail, making for an exciting and very damp return, and some fixed seat rowing as well. I have bought a kit, and it was supposed to ship on May 30 but it has been postponed because of epoxy supply issues and should ship June 9. I am wild with impatience to start. The boat is this one: CLC Skerry. Innit adorbs?

Date: 2017-06-02 03:04 pm (UTC)
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Your new boat is totally adorable! Enjoy!

Date: 2017-06-08 08:18 pm (UTC)
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Such cute boats! And what a tumultuous time in your young adult life! O.O indeed! I'm glad you came out the other side of it.


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