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Young Alice turns 19 today which I TOTALLY remembered, but since she hasn't been making a big fuss about it I haven't either. She requested yellow cake with white frosting with raspberries, which I have mostly accomplished. The cake layers came out of the pans perfectly, but then cooled and welded themselves to their respective plates... enough frosting will cure a multitude of ills.

She and two friends are hanging out and visiting at the dining room table, talking movies and laughing. Which seems to be all she wants.

I want to talk about Alice, because I've had her now for 19 years and it feels important, but I don't actually know what to say. She spent the first year of her life looking dubious. She still plays a very long game - she was the one to basically court Aerin's interest and friendship, based on her observation of Al's and my relationships with our siblings. She was talking to Aerin about hiring options at Aerin's work, once graduation happened, in three years. She was chided by a high school teacher for focusing too hard on who gets to tax populations and where power vacuums exist. She won a fight of science over foolishness with an English teacher who wanted her to think about the persistence of objects without observers. She whispered to me, in the middle of her second semester of college, "when does it get hard?"  She has always inhabited a space on imagination and creativity, populated with her imagination. And her imagination is lovely. I guess I can do this for a while.


My dad is having the grumps because his wife's eldest son, a nice enough man who is large and slow moving and slow thinking, is staying with them and unfortunately he is also loud and a shallow thinker. My dad ambushed me in the driveway when I went to visit this morning, and we ambled around the outside of the house and sat in the sun, avoiding the inside until they'd headed out for their daily adventure. Thankfully, the son leaves Friday early.

Alice and I are also leaving early Friday for Annapolis and CLC Okumefest 2017 - they have an open shop and talks on Friday afternoon, and then Saturday they take all the finished boats over to the other side of the Bay, and everyone is invited to bring their own boats, and it is possible to knock on hulls and take vessels out for test runs.

Do I know anyone in Annapolis? Wanna grab coffee? We'll be around Friday and Saturday nights.


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