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Alice is home for the summer, thinking about what kinds of things she wants to do and getting her borg cube of belongings out of the living room. She was talking with Aerin about what the requirements were for being hired at BWH and Aerin stares at her - "It isn't a summer position?" Alice asks if she looks like someone who wants to work this summer, Aerin looks confused and I laugh like a loon and explain this is Alice, she plays a long game. She's finished her first year at UMass and she's thinking about how to be employed in three years....

Aerin is just home for the weekend, trailing along like a tail on a kite as the young man accomplishes graduation and all the familial flap that entails. I have built three sheet cakes for celebrating his finishing, and will take them to the party soon. Any time now, Really.

I've been working pretty steadily in the studio, and one idea has branched into two radically different directions, and a third thing is developing on its own, far away from everything else and unrelated to anything except chemistry. To be specific, redox reactions. Rust and indigo are both redox reactions, as is combustion, which means as well as indigo and rust dyeing I could also set things on fire. I am not sure how that will go, but it feels interesting, and it is def. a set of colors I like.

Alice and I are driving to Annapolis next Friday early to Chesapeake Light Craft's Okume Fest - open house/shop on Friday with lectures, and then ALL THE TINY BOATS afloat and on the beach on Saturday and then wander home and visit people in a lackadaisical fashion the following week.

Anyone gonna be near Annapolis and want coffee? It's on me if you tell me where to be.

Date: 2017-05-15 02:17 pm (UTC)
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Sounds like a nice weekend with your girls!

I hope you will share lots of tiny boat photos. They sound delightful.


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