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I went six hours into the wilds of the Maine Coast and visited my sainted mother for a the weekend. It is so odd, that when we talk on the phone she seems to want help with things - computers (the new one is utterly borked, so she's using a decade old Windows Vista machine that is still plugging along), other tech (phone, and it is a FLIP phone too, or tablet) and random questions about every other thing. And yet when I am actually in front of her, and ready to help with what needs hands on it, she insistes we just visit, and talk, and eat, and possibly drive somewhere. Aside from the driving somewhere, the general outline of activities is fine with me, but then when she calls after I get home, six hours plus a stop at Halcyon yarn, she has MORE DAMN QUESTIONS....

I do not grudge her the answers, if I have them. Although figuring out where she is in Monument Valley, and what she needs to do to get the totem friend out of the ocean is trickier than you might expect. I just wonder why she wants different things depending on whether I am actually in front of her, or on the phone six hours away.

Aside from driving, and eating, and talking to my mom and her neighbors (she checked herself into assisted living, of her own volition, and she is mostly liking it a lot) I ahve done nothing of import.

I am so glad to be home.

Date: 2017-05-02 03:50 am (UTC)
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My mother does the same thing. I was frustrated by it too, but she says she values having me there---the pleasure of my company---more than she cares about getting whatever it is straightened out. The time is precious.


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