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peoples! welcome to Dreamwidth! 

For no good reason I didn't make it to bed until 2 this morning, and then thrashed around until I finally got up at 7, because sleeping was clearly not on my agenda for that 24 hours. I assume I will crash tonight, and hope to survive a set build tomorrow. and another one the day after. For Tempest.

I am standing in my room making things, although I feel like I am really fumbling. I have a rubber stamp of a codfish, and I have been using shrinky dink plastic to make it substantially smaller, and the copier and scanner on the new printer to make it substantially larger. I also, finally, sent two NOAA charts to Spoonflower to make into yardage. Both cover George's Bank, and the sudden flood of codfish feels related to that somehow. And paint. And possibly rivers, but for that I might need a salmon rubber stamp.

The new washer was delivered today. Al an I decided we'd gotten the old one in 1990, before Aerin, so it does not owe us anything. The delivery guys took it away. I saluted it as it went. The weather is delicious - cool and sunny and a perfect temperature for me.

In deeply awkward financial disclosures, my sainted mother called this morning to ask to borrow $5000 from us until something something taxes. And a house sells? is bought? I dunno. She's turning into a real estate magnate within her retirement community and they kind of frown on that, but at least she isn't buying houses OUTSIDE the retirement community that she'd have to rehab or sell later. Just thinking about lending her money made Al turn red with indignation and start sputtering, so either I turn her down somehow, or loan her the money from my personal account instead of buying the sticth and glue boat I was planning on building this spring (this one: innit cute??l). Al said he'd rather help me acquire a boat to build than become financially entangled with my mother, so that is a statement.

life, never not complex.
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