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I can see people filtering in from LJ, and I have been setting filters here so I can keep up with people. I'm relieved when I recognize who's who over here - familiar user names, or recurring characters referred to. I am deeply nostalgic for the "old days" but I'm also completely failing to do my part, keeping things moving here, and talking about things that matter.

Having adult children is taking some getting used to. Aerin is in Boston and comes back here on weekends, except when she doesn't. Episilon girl, making the smallest possible change at any given moment, but bending her arc towards independence. She had a round of car trouble that started with a dead battery and escalated through bad jumping to mystery ailment that eventually resolved into fuses and a new battery. Which could have been much worse. For her the worst part was all the phone calls required.

Alice is lolloping through her freshman year at UMass - she was asking (quietly) when it got hard, and she and Aerin were comparing notes on majors and dedication and free time and intensity. To her credit, she is pressing forward on the math, even as she doubles up on Geology classes. Who knows what will prove handy. In her spare time she makes adorable things from fimo - the latest is a yellow triceratops in a lab coat, with round glasses.

We had a vacation. Sint Maarten, although we were on the Saint Martin side mostly. I did some nice painting, and threw out the paints I hated. That was cathartic. And I drew a lot, landscapes/seascapes, the strange gnarly trees, the iguanas in the sun. The color of the sea was completely captivating, and I swam twice a day and it was wonderful.

now I'm back at work, and balancing dad-care with creative work, and some theatrical work, the last piece this year, a design for Tempest.

Date: 2017-04-09 09:28 am (UTC)
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Has Aerin graduated? How did that happen?


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