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I finally started movement on finding a therapist/coach, and was pointed at someone who coaches mid-life women and artists. I have some hope that some of the issues I think I am having, like not currently making art and feeling unconnected to everytihing might be addressed, even if they are not necessarily resolved. She requested I take the Enneagram test, which I generally feel is moderately useless, and I was so aggravated by it that I compiled a list of commentary on the questions as I answered them. Which is fundamentally hilarious because really - this is how I spend my time taking a pointless test? Talking back to it. Ok.

I have started changing things in the house so that it fits better. Moving other people's stuff out of the common areas and into their rooms to deal with, and shifting my artwork beongings back up to my room and maybe eventually moving Al's robot parts and etc, down to the eating room. We have an eating room with computers, a couch room with books, a cooking room, three sleeping rooms and one work room for me. They don't even have normal names. well, except the bathroom, and the kitchen. But the kitchen is also the wet studio for paint and etc, because I can't paint or dye fabric without water and I can't take it upstairs because I spill it (ask me how I know).

The next step is getting more exercise. steadily. like daily. So I guess tomorrow. because today is pretty much over.

still distressed about the election,

also I failed the first test of a trimp america. I did not even think that it would start at the Northampton Stop&Shop in the 12 items or less line, but there was a woman behind me berating a woman behind her about having too many things in her cart, and I did nothing. Next time, i stand up. I was trying to figure out who to complain to, and what exactly i could say after I failed to take on the woman herself, and I failed across the board. So next time, think less, and stand up sooner. I was wearing my theater tech sweatshirt, that has three safety pins on it because backstage, except now thy make a political statement as well, and I totally forgot about that part.
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