Apr. 19th, 2017

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After explaining to my mother that we couldn't just pull $5k out of the house account because college, but i did have it in my personal artwork account, she decided she couldn't do that, and said she'll find some other way. Which is good - it is what bridge loans and credit cards with ridiculous limits are for. I am immensely relieved to have had that settled amicably, and without remonstrance. And also still have the boat building fund.

We're building the set for Tempest, which is composed entirely of platforms we already have, lumber we already have, and more or less crappy shipping palettes scrounged from the loading dock and the local hardware/lumber store. Did you know (she says with ENORMOUS OUTRAGE) that NO TWO SHIPPING PALETTES ARE THE SAME SIZE??????!!!!?????? There are NO STANDARDS anymore in the UNIVERSE, and it is distressin.

But the set will look fucking amazing and very much like it was built from a shipwreck.

I bought 15 yards of 120" wide fabric to be trees in a backdrop, courtesy of Red Kate's 40% off coupon, and it won me a 50% off coupon and I have another 50% off coupon from Cath, so I can all the fabric, for the rest of the trees and the sails of the first act at a deep discount. I think I will wind up dyeing it with coffee, so a big jar of instant, and I am done with that part too.

Also I finished a pair of socks and found a home for them in less than 24 hours. That is a huge win, it means I can finish the next pair I have half going (I'm to the center of the heel turning) and then take them to someone who deserves them and will love them.


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