Mar. 9th, 2017

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Something is up - weather changing or time change coming or spring springing (well in advance of expectations which might be a related problem) I spent the morning oddly impatient. I did march in the local Day without Women/Women's Day march, along with about 300 others.
It was oddly anticlimactic after the Women's March the day after inauguration day, but felt important. C had emailed to ask if I was planning on going, and I wasn't until I had company, so she came over and parked at our house and we walked up to join the rabble.

After lunch (correctly and deliciously acquired at a locally-owned-by-immigrants shop) I went back to work with the musical at the school. Spent most of the time talking, and plotting. I continue to feel like I am getting away with something for this show - I have not expended even a tenth of the energy on set design or construction, nor have I done anything except consult with parent volunteers doing the vast majority of the producing work. Honestly my plan is still to donate my stipend to the newly formed Friends of Theater group to make up for a guilty conscience.

Studio work is on the back burner for the moment, but I need to get back in there and keep making work. I have a handful of pieces I salvaged in the most recent purge that I think have potential and should be revived. If I can get one of those finished every week or so I can get new stuff up the gallery. L is looking for more new stuff now, so she's got space and enthusiasm for whatever I bring.

I have a new sketch-book/log book and I can't start it until I finish off three last pages in the old one, but it is driving me to distraction just sitting there all shiny and new and blue and covered in octopodes.
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what a wild blowy day

I visited with my dad, and then pleaded out of lunch with incipient migraine

Once home I failed lunch but won lemon tart, followed by at least six orange milano cookies, and finally set foot in the studio for a couple hours. I swapped all the thread over to the new drawers. It went from three boxes wedged and overfull to five drawers with room for expansion and a lot of the nasty bobbin work threads removed.

I got a call from a woman who wanted to commission a piece of work. I think I might still owe gallery girl some kind of finders fee because the customer found me through her.

And now I am ded and headed to bed.


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